While regular Scrapbook readers will attest to semi-regular spelling and grammatical errors on these pages, even our editor has never managed four cock ups in the space of 25 words.

They don’t call it the Grauniad for nothing.

  1. Is the plural/singular error in your headline an ironic nod to the Grauniad’s blunder, or a bona fide mistake?

  2. The Guardian (singular entity) …SQUEEZES…errors

    or (plural) eg the childrens’ guardians…SQUEEZE…errors

  3. Michael Short says:

    This isn’t political news, nor is it interesting or important.

    “Man makes typos on computer AHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!!”. Wow, someone alert the government before it’s corrected.

  4. from wikipedia: <> you also see it with companies, or “the government” etc. collective nouns referring to organisations are in the plural verb form.

    it’s only in american english that plural nouns must take the singular…

  5. “If it’s a collective noun, then it’s singular. Which would make “squeeze” wrong.”

    Not so. eg ‘The couple are on holiday.’ ‘My family are linguists’

    The collective noun can take either the singular or plural. There are no hard and fast rules governing this, just trends.

    eg The couple are on holiday.

  6. The headline also says the current government has been thrown out, which is of course a contradiction in terms. Rather like “new conservative”.

  7. But it is the current government – the Spanish concept of manana means that the lefties don’t go on their hols for months.

  8. the guardian get this wrong…but always manage to spell ‘we hate jews and love palestine’ properly….wonder why!


  9. I agree with Steve.

    A brilliant blog post followed by the world’s most boring comments. Squeeze me.

    Whoever wrote that headline was wetting themselves in excitement about the Spaniards voting in a conservative government, so much so that they lost the ability to write coherently (or bother to check).

    My guess is that the culprit is an intellectually challenged 20 something. Daddy’s money ensure that he/she is able to work for free as an intern at the Grauniad. They are probably a member of ConservativeFuture. The Graun has moved a long way to the right in recent years – their latest ruse is to publish a poll which they pretend is saying that ‘most’ people (30% is ‘most’ in their view) think that it’s all Labour fault that George Osborne is a complete arse.

  10. Wilhemina Bothwell says:

    This cock up is about as accurate as their reporting on Israel and the Middle East. Pure uneducated fantasy.

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