A former Daily Star reporter has ridiculed the tabloid’s claims that it is not anti-Muslim. Speaking at the Leveson Inquiry, Richard Peppiat, who quit the paper in March over its frequent Islamophobic hysteria, echoed Ian Hislop’s famous remarks on the steps of the High Court in 1989, saying of the Star’s claim it is not anti-Muslim:

“It’s like being presented with an apple and swearing blind it’s a banana”

He’s not wrong:

  • One front page appearing to welcome claims that the EDL would become a political party was accompanied by a picture of a Muslim man holding provocative signage.
  • In a subsequent article, “EDL to go political“, the Star claimed the far right group planned to field candidates in national and regional elections.
  • The paper apologised after a PPC investigation found a front page claiming a council had wasted “YOUR money” on squat-hole toilets was a fabrication.
  • With Auntie ever-popular in Star editorials, they claimed that “BBC puts Muslims before you”.
  • In 2010, the paper published a study claiming that “98% of readers fear Britain is becoming a Muslim state”.
  • And lest we forget, in 2006 the editorial team came within hours of publishing an edition titled “The Daily Fatwa”, only for staff to revolt at the last minute.

Despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary, following Peppiat’s resignation bigwigs at the Star released this statement:

“For the record, the Daily Star editorial policy does not hold any negativity towards Islam and the paper has never, and does not endorse, the EDL.”

They certainly have an interesting way of showing it.

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