It seems all is not well on the farm — the farm being a metaphor for the Countryside Alliance’s plush headquarters in Kennington — where the chief executive has quit after just over a year in post. Alice Barnard’s resignation comes against a background of anger from a vocal cohort of members unhappy with the lack of progress at repealing the hunting ban.

Ruling out the marches which saw the Alliance hit the headlines in the late ‘90s, Barnard’s softly-softly lobbying approach has gone down like a pint of sick with hunting nutters, who accuse her of being more interested in food labelling, high speed rail and rural broadband. Indeed, shortly after her appointment Barnard told the Indy:

“I think we did marching, and we did it really well, but … we need to be looking at other ways at connecting both with Parliament”

And it seems Barnard wants to “connect with Parliament” in more ways than one. Despite its presence in the coalition agreement, a free vote on the Hunting Act is unlikely to occur until 2014. Having already stood for selection in 2010, fronting a controversial and high profile campaign could well scupper Barnard’s second attempt to grab a Tory seat.

With the Alliance formed in 1997 from an amalgam of the British Field Sports Society and two other (non-hunting) rural groups, old tensions in the countryside movement now threaten to spill into the open.

With Barnard pursuing Foxes since she was nine years old, Scrapbook cannot resist speculating whether the hunter became the hunted.

  1. Excellent news! Couldn’t happen to a more appalling organisation.

    Just imagine the nerve of this woman “more interested in food labelling, high speed rail and rural broadband ” than in tormenting and savagely killing animals in the name of sport!
    Well, at least the Countryside Alliance has shown its true colours now. ‘Working for you’? Clearly not 🙂

  2. Blood on the floor at the Countryside Alliance. Couldn’t be better. The Countryside Alliance is shown again to be nothing more than a front for the bloodsports fraternity. It and they are bent on attempting to re-legalise the loathsome so-called ‘sports’ of fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc. I can’t cope with the idea of killing animals for fun. There are millions more like me – a farmer and a born and bred countryman – out here. There are many less like the hunting-supporting and prominent Conservative MEP whom I advised to go drag hunting instead of ‘the real thing’ in order to comply with the Hunting Act 2004 (which was passed with support from all parties). Do you know what the ‘man’ said? ‘Drag hunting is like sucking a sweetie with the wrapper on.’ If one sucks this ‘sweetie’ without ‘the wrapper on,’ the fox is chased to exhaustion and then torn limb from limb by a number of hounds, not killed by the ‘quick nip at the back of the neck,’ as the mythologists claim. And what about the foxes that ‘go to ground’ and are then dug out and thrown, literally, to the hounds? This so-called ‘sport’ – like hare coursing and stag hunting – is utterly disgusting and those who participate in it ought to be ashamed of themselves. Politicians and others who back them ought to be doubly ashamed of themselves.

  3. Giles Bradshaw says:

    The Hunting Act as it effects me is an absurd and badly thought out law. Under it I am allowed to continue using my dogs to flush and chase wild deer which I do, but I then have to shoot them – which i don’t. Also I am meant to limit my dogs to two which I don’;t either.

    Why put such ridiculous stipulations in a law which mean that anyone can break it openly?

    The use of dogs to flush and disperse deer is a non lethal humane alternative to shooting them. Only allowing it if you then shoot them is simply bananas.

  4. Good to hear the Countryside Annoyance is having difficulties – what a surprise they have ousted someone who appeared to be interested in genuine matters affecting rural communities other than the terrorising of wildlife by a minority of its inhabitants. Mr Bradshaw apparently needs to brush up on his facts and the law as well. Of course he isn’t breaking the Hunting Act by using hounds or dogs to disperse deer, and the Act does not oblige him to shoot deer if he does so. The Act only refers to the intentional hunting, pursuing and killing of wildlife with hounds, and the distinction between this and merely dispersing deer is obvious to anyone with half a brain. The only absurdity in Mr Bradshaw’s case is his interpretation and application of the Act.

  5. “The Hunting Act as it effects me is an absurd and badly thought out law. Under it I am allowed to continue using my dogs to flush and chase wild deer which I do, but I then have to shoot them – which i don’t. Also I am meant to limit my dogs to two which I don’;t either.”

    You don’t HAVE to. You can choose NOT to! Ever thought of THAT???

    Any ONE of us could choose to break a law, even the more unenforcable ones, but we tend NOT to, so WHY should you???

  6. Quote from Giles Bradshaw’s post above:

    “The Hunting Act as it effects me is an absurd and badly thought out law”

    How very selfish of this gentleman to assume this law affects him. There are other people who could choose to be ‘affected’ by this law too, and I must emphasise the CHOOSE!!

    Nice to hear that the CA are having problems. ESPECIALLY 24hrs after the pro hunt lobby were being smarmy, smug and snide about Steve Taylor being sacked from The League Against Cruel Sports!!!

    Karma? Heeheee!

  7. Shame to see him go I will miss him so much “HAHAHAHAH” miss him my ass.. this guy has caused nothing but upset to our ARA’s his men think they are nothing more than above the law while STILL hunting foxes …. we are a french liberation force but work closely with the english ARA’S he is not wanted like the countryside alliance who place the ALF as nothing more of a child’s game… there will be another loser to take this idiots place just like the other idiots at the countryside alliance they can not even answer to us when we confront them is that because they know who we are ….. we have much ££££ to countryside alliance to show off as well but that is spent on animals that need it …. soon the CSA will be no more why they keep fighting when they know there will never be a law passed again in hunting i do not know

  8. Ashame she’s gone, clearly supporting other issues rather than fox hunting….the new CEO will no doubt pick up on what it’s members have to say and lobby to bring back the hunting! I shoot pheasants, they’re dead in an instant, I’m not a supporter of fox hunting, it’s cruel, a big difference.

  9. Loads of people still hunt foxes and course hares it’s a stupid law it can’t be enforced animals need to. Be controlled anyway big waste of money but I suppose that’s what labours good at

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