Exactly one year ago yesterday, staff in Conservative HQ used an official Twitter account to mock suggestions that the UK had not turned the corner on unemployment. With new stats showing joblessness at a 17 year high, youth unemployment breaking the million barrier and the dole queue growing by 129,000 in the last quarter, to say this was complacent is something of an understatement.

Back in November 2010, wee Dougie Alexander (then Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) was tasked with downplaying an unexpected fall in unemployment. Conservative press guru Henry Macrory (above) thought it amusing to taunt Alexander’s claims that the UK was not “out of the woods yet” using the @ToryPressHQ account:

To add to the mockery, they even included a screengrab.

We don’t hear anyone laughing now, though.

  1. Only a conservative would find 2.62 million people unemployed as hilarious.

    Even Cheryl Cole would understand that the Tories where bragging not so long ago.

    I am glad the conservatives find unemployment so fun.

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