With a growing media culture of obligation around the wearing of poppies and the observance of armistice day, Scrapbook can’t imagine Labour front bencher Diane Abbott was too pleased with herself after re-tweeting a YouGov poll during today’s two minutes silence.

British Gas’ new media team also decided to commemorate 11/11/11 by tweeting a “winter warmer kit” competition:

Naturally, both messages have now been disappeared down the memory hole.

  1. So what??

    I’m sure she did it silently and, being a woman could multi-task; tweeting and remembering the fallen at the same time.

    I am sick of poppy fascism!

  2. How do you know that they weren’t silent during the times as given by their own watches, clocks etc? I know I was silent at the time my pc said it was 11. My phone had a different time…

  3. @Simon: This piece was more remarking on a stupid mistake by both parties, rather than them not caring. As Stuart Pearce put it: “What counts is what’s in your heart”.

  4. Chris Cheetham says:

    Please tell me the poppy fascism hasn’t reached here! My grandfather who fought and was wounded in WWI would never have anything to do with the poppy and if it was good enough for him it’s good enough for me!

  5. I’m not suprised he wouldn’t, Chris. Neither would mine because the poem the poppy symbol comes from is pro-war.

  6. I much preferred the old way of expressing my views prior to Huffington, and so do the majority of AOL users.
    As it stands we can click ‘favouries’ but cannot vote against something we do not agree with.
    All in all, Huffington is very very poor.

  7. It’s what you feel all the year round that counts.

    It’s terribly easy for someone like Hammond, for example, to put on a dark suit (god knows he’s as rich as Croesus, so he probably has loads of them) and lay a wreath. It looks good, but it falls apart when you know that he’s going to make more soldiers redundant even when they are injured, and he’s cutting funding to military charity.

    Still, this government is singularly about spin. There is no substance to anything any of them says.

    Perhaps a little insensitive to tweet if you’re an MP, but as someone pointed out, her watch may be dodgy. Despite this being the 21st century and her being very rich, it’s not unlikely that it was at the wrong time.

    As for British Gas, well, they must be the world’s most inefficient organisation (I’ve been waiting 9 months of my central heating), so I’d be surprised if they knew it was the 11th month, never mind the 11th hour on the 11th day.

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