The revelations of port-fuelled anti-semitism at Oxford University Conservative Association are shocking but by no means the latest soiling of this right-wing political cradle. A look back through the Oxonian archives yields further anecdotes about their forbears — the crucial difference being that they are now special advisers and MPs.

Step forward Aidan Burley, Conservative MP for Cannock Chase, whose peers may now regret providing Cherwell’s Evelyn gossip column with a running commentary of their boozing and other insalubrious exploits too lurid for this family blog. Activities of the group included the acquisition of strippers (pictured above) and chronicling alleged sexual encounters with visiting family members.

As president of the King Charles Club, a notoriously elitist dining society banned from college premises, Burley arranged entertainments fitting the august institution, including a trip to, erm, a strip club. The alumni magazine of £10,000-per-year King Edwards School in Birmingham, boasted that their former pupil “achieved national notoriety” after he advertised the club’s excursion to Stringfellows in both The Times and Daily Telegraph:

“The King Charles Club of the St John’s College, Oxford, held their annual dinner last night at Stringfellows … after attending divine service at the Banqueting Hall, Whitehall, and laying a wreath at the statue of the Martyr King in Trafalgar Square.”

Parliament is one “exclusive establishment” with rather fewer naked, writhing women than some alumni of King Charles Club have experienced.

EDITORIAL NOTE: While skirting over his expedition to Stringfellows, when approached for comment Aidan Burley denied involvement in procuring a stripper for his friend (inset left above). Unlike his college entertainment, Aidan likes his threats veiled.

  1. He was so young. Were you never a student? These ad hominems are a major reason why the public don’t engage with politics.

  2. @ Stuart. They are supposed to set standards, not drop to ours. My behaviour means I would not be stupid enough to try and become an MP. Ignoring your skeletons is a sure sign of elitist hubris. Innit?

  3. More sharp analysis from Guido, the man’s a genius.

    The only organisation to sponsor Guido is Diageo, he has kept that organisation ticking over, in these tough times.

    Someone once asked Guido, if he every drank alone, Old Fawkes, did ask if God counted.

  4. Have another drink says:

    Loving Guido’s pretence that if it was a Labour MP he wouldn’t have published it.

    Calm down and have another drink, I’m sure your wife will come back one day Guido!

  5. Good God, are you seriously telling me a young man once got drunk and, liking the appearance of scantily clad ladies, went to a strip joint?

    We MUST alert the church elders.

    Get a grip of yourself man. We all did stuff like this at that age and we had a bloody good time. Anyone who says otherwise was probably sat in their bedroom playing the Sega Mega Drive whilst normal folk were out having a good time, and as they approach their midlife crisis are just bitter they didn’t enjoy life whilst they could.

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