The Conservatives are poised to suspend a councillor for making the following remark about gay marriage:

“There is no doubt the PM is wrong on this issue. We may as well legalise marriage with animals, crude I concede but no apology.”

So why wasn’t Boris Johnson disciplined by CCHQ for the same jibe?

“If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.”

Clearly, it’s okay to be homophobic if you have fluffy blond hair.

  1. Because the baying mob of imbeciles in the ‘homophobia (hyper)sensitivity’ lobby are only so strong.

    Perhaps in time, such views will indeed be exalted to the level of thoughtcrime, punishable by flogging or death…but as let, ‘liberals’ are not powerful enough to make this happen, so free-speech still exists if you’re high enough up the foodchain.

  2. It is not a thought crime though is it. Noody is suggesting that what they said should be illegal (unless it was aiming to incite violence, which it wasn’t) just that reputable political parties should not associate with that sort of view.

  3. @Invictus_88

    I’m guessing you’re not gay and have no gay friends. Hence, do the world a favour and shut up. Stick to talking about things you know and have experience of, please, else you just look stupid.

    Yours, a queer faggot poof xx

  4. Always the defence of racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise bigoted remarks with a trite reference to freedom of speech. Less racist, sexist or otherwise these days, but you do still see homophobic claptrap stoically supported in these terms.

    Freedom of speech = say what you like, just don’t insight folk to violence. Which is brilliant, and I am all for it, with bells and whistles on.

    The question here is not that a Conservative Councillor or the chief executive officer of the largest economic and metropolitan area in Europe shouldn’t be allowed to speak freely, rather it is the fact that comparing equality of marriage to beastiality is beyond the pale. These are free men, their rights I shall protect to my dying day. But public servants who are paid by and rely upon taxpayers for their power probably shouldn’t brand a portion of said taxpayers as dog-f****ers. Which, if you give the statments attributed to them the merest glance, you can see they are clearly doing.

    So – *Invictus_88, do you agree that two wo/men who want to marry and think that a civil partnership falls foul of the “separate, and therefore unequal” ruling, are the moral equivalent of those who consort with beasts? And that Boris Johnson is ok in saying that, out loud, in public, as Mayor of London?

  5. ok folks lets just all agree that having sex with anyone male or female is no better than an animal or a tory backbencher

  6. OK ‘Invictus’, well maybe then we should just let politicians go around objecting to ‘niggers’ on the basis that they aren’t as bright as other people, and ‘Pakis’ because they smell. Would you be happy with that? Oh, sorry, you probably would be… God bless ‘freedom of (hate) speech and all who sail in her.

    Anyone with half a brain cell can see that man + man= 2 consenting adults, not harming themselves or others; man + dog = only 1 consenting adult. Geddit dummy?

  7. What do I think? I think he should say whatever he wants, unless it’s slanderous or deliberately misleading. This was – I think – pretty clearly my original point, however belatedly I’m reaffirming it.

  8. Actually, I kind of agree there. If people like Boris or the other councillor want to say that kind of thing, it is up to them. It is them that thinking people will regard as slightly weird.

    After all, has it not occurred to them that gay people can ask for a hand in marriage, and accept or refuse that offer. Then they can have sex.

    If you ask a cow or a dog to give you their hoof or paw in marriage, they won’t understand you, and won’t be able to give a coherent answer.

    Simples, but Eton and Oxford obviously don’t teach simple logic.

    So he can say what he likes, as long as he has no objection to people considering him a bit of a thick twat.

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