An email obtained by Political Scrapbook provides yet more evidence of the friendship between Michael Gove and the man charged by Rupert Murdoch with mopping up the hacking scandal, Joel Klein. After Klein described the education secretary as a “hero” at a conference in January, a departmental email reveals Gove responded by sending “a little something” to Rupert’s fixer.

And after events of the Summer drew significant interest to the education secretary’s regular meetings with News Corporation executives — not to mention doubling his MP’s salary with a £60,000 contract — the former journalist seems finally to have overcome his shyness regarding his former employers.

At Conservative conference this week the cabinet minister gushed to activists about Rupert Murdoch:

“I am a great admirer of Rupert Murdoch … I think he is a force of nature and a phenomenon. I think he is a great man.”

What’s the betting this “great man” will provide a “great job” to Gove when he leaves government?

  1. Michael Gove made his name as a writer on Rupert Murdoch’s The Times before he embarked on serious politics. He is a journalist by profession. So it would hardly be a surprise if NewsCorp or any other newspaper group offered him a “great job” if he became available. Nor is it surprising that he kept in touch with News Corp, for whom he continued to write until the election.
    Joel Klein was a senior lawyer in the Clinton White House, where he prosecuted Microsoft. When he was appointed to the Board of Newscorp last year, he was doubtless expected to be a fixer on any US competition issues. He was, I suspect, only put in charge of the wider hacking affair because no-one this side of the Atlantic would carry any credibility.
    Bu I do hope Gove paid for the gift.

  2. Bet it went on expenses. DfE officials, paid by our money, were doing the work locating him. Surely that’s not whet we pay them for.

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