Former council candidates Bill and Star Etheridge were expelled from the Conservatives in March after they posed with golliwog dolls on Facebook.

Having found safe harbour with UKIP, however, Bill Etheridge still makes his presence felt in Manchester with this charming golliwog book, which is also promoted using a picture of Enoch Powell.

What’s wrong with a bit of good old fashioned racist imagery?

  1. Wrong Again... says:

    This is a stall in the Freedom Zone, which is not part of the Conservative Party Conference, they attended all three conferences. Nice to see such spot on research from this reputable blog again.

  2. north west londoner says:

    The “Freedom Zone” This zone might not be formally part of the Conservative conference but it is clearly linked to the conference

    Douglas Carswell – Tory MP on his blog states that “the Freedom Zone is the heart of the conference”

    Interesting to see that Mark Seddon – advisor to Lutfur Rahman – Tower Hamlets elected Mayor and former editor of Tribune is listed as a speaker in the Freedom Zone . Not sure what Lutfur would make of this ?

  3. Joshua Fenton-Glynn says:

    Freedom zone events were listed in the CPC official fringe guide, if the tories thought them unacceptible they wouldn’t, it’s not the first time someone has been a bit dodgey there either, last year I whitnessed Douglas Murray talking about the merits of Quran burning.

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