Having spent days wishing the growing scandal would just go away, Southend-on-Sea Conservatives have now suspended Cllr Blaine Robin over his links to the far right English Defence League.

Scrapbook revealed on Monday that the councillor had attended an organising meeting for the EDL’s controversial Tower Hamlets demonstration at which 60 people were arrested. But the final straw seems to have been a letter from East Region MEP Richard Howitt demanding an investigation by the council.

Developing. Will post more as we get it.

  1. Sean callaghan says:

    What a shame that people,only listen to half truths this man is only the second conservative councillor to work hard for one of the poorest communities in Essex since teddy Taylor,maybe we should hold David cameron to account for his war crimes in lybia and how mr Cameron talks of austerity and yet his party take their false expenditures and when their caught out never pay it back when he spends thousands of tax payers money on lavish holidays,but when we get a councillor who’s for the people will take his constituents problems and place them above his own that’s a man for the people,
    Mr robins I’m behind u all the way and before anyone says I must be from the edl your wrong I don’t subscribe to any political party he’s a decent guy and the way he’s being shafted is a disgrace

  2. Hang on a minute. Blaine may well be a nice guy, but if he was at an EDL demo planning meeting (something he has not denied – and something that there is atleast circumstantial evidence pointing towards) then surely this requires scrutiny.

    Like it or not politicians are put under lots of scrutiny and they should choose their friends carefully.

  3. The suggestion that he was there for research purposes might hold more water, were it not for the praise he lavished on EDL members, and received in return from Tommy Robinson.

  4. Sean callaghan says:

    So are u saying that we should not have a better understanding of all people’s belief system and that if any of mr robins constituents come to him for help does he have to ask what their political leaning is before he decides if he can help them or not.
    Because I’m sure if that’s what your suggesting then their would be a lot of people taking the council to court for rasicm what next he’s not allowed to talk to Muslims or maybe gays or Christians or god forbid English people.
    I know u may say I’m being ridiculous however the point I’m making because u talk to people as humans regardless of their views doesn’t make you guilty of being a nazi sympathise a racist Muslim extremist ira bomber,maybe the person who reported mr Robin should stand up so mr Robin can face his accuser.the labour councillor who won the seat in the last election hasn’t been seen once mr Robin s active in his ward seven days a week in all weathers,so I say to his accuser if u have the gumption to accuse someone of something then do it in the open not by poison pen

  5. Sean callaghan says:

    Without prejudice I’m sure the family gathering was held in a function room in southend I say family gathering as I’m lead to believe their were children their and their families not some sort of political war council.

  6. It is not as if this groupf of far right fundamentalists wandered into Blaine’s surgery. He attended an organising meeting for an EDL demo. You are clearly wearing Blaine tinted glasses if you think this is at all acceptable.

    Also, what you say about Judy McMahon is simply untrue.

  7. Rob’s right, if Blaine had met EDL members/supporters at his surgery or on the doorstep, it would be a different matter. The fact is that he knowingly and wilfully went to the rally, and has repeatedly praised the EDL, it’s members and its objectives.

    I’m sure that there is an element of the EDL in his constituency, but I’m equally sure that they are a minority. Imagine the concern this would cause other constituents, that their local councillor apparently sympathises and agrees with the EDL. Imagine the reaction of any Muslim constituents.

    Blaine is a Conservative councillor, who has held himself up as a community leader and role model. The burden is upon him to make sure he acts responsibly. Unfortunately, attending such rallies and praising such individuals and organisations (especially when the party he is supposed to represent decries said organisation and it’s aims and behaviour) is not responsible behaviour.

    Leaving aside the suspicion that he is attempting to court extremist votes to sure up his slim (6) majority at the last election, Mr Robin has acted very foolishly, and has only himself to blame for the consequences.

  8. Sean callaghan says:

    Theirs no Blaine tinted glasses it’s a fact maybe the accuser and his or her labour followers would like to front Blaine out face to face,I have had many run ins with Blaine and he’s man enough to front it out unlike his accusers u all have made judgment before all the facts,
    Unlike Judith McMahon who’s selective canvasing of the kursaal ward.
    And it’s quite interesting rob how u want to crucifi Blaine maybe u have left wing tendencies and have an axe to grind and I will say here and now on the record I don’t give a dam about what party Blaine belongs to I’m standing his corner because he is a good guy and he’s done loads for the kursal ward

  9. Don’t be silly. Nobody wants to “crucify” Cllr Robin. All anyone has done is call himself out on his actions and words. Nothing has been stated which isn’t the truth.

    And you seem convinced that Cllr McMahon is behind this. I can tell you now that she isn’t. The only involvement of Labour was Richard Howitt MEP, who wrote to Cllr Nigel Holdcroft (the leader of the council) to ask what response would be taken to the revelations.

    This isn’t a vendetta or a smear campaign, regardless of what you think.

  10. I don’t pretend to be unbiased. I helped organise the Labour Party campaign in Southend and am a candidate myself in Rochford.

    I can categorically state that if I am ever leader of a group and one of the councillors in the group attended an EDL planning meeting they would be out. No matter how respected they are, no matter how hard-working they are it is unacceptable. Surely you see that. I am also not anonymous.

  11. Bernard G Robin says:

    I am pleased that Blaine is no longer involved in local politics and no longer represents a racist (Enoch Powell-like) party. Kudos to the both the Labour and Conservative party, clap yourselves on the back. Blaine has stood the test of time unlike D. C.

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