Whilst suspended Conservative councillor Blaine Robin tries desperately to disown the English Defence League, the far-right organisation has jumped to his defence.

Reports have emerged that the EDL’s Essex organiser, who was recently sighted alongside hardline neo-Nazi Eddie Stamton, has called for members nationwide to converge on the seaside town to protest Cllr Robin’s suspension by his local Conservative Association.

Cllr Robin’s sympathies with the EDL, including attending an EDL rally and praising individual members of the group, were apparently well known by Conservatives in Southend. But it was not until they were exposed by Scrapbook, and the leader of Southend Council received a letter from MEP Richard Howitt, that any action was taken.

With a track record of arrests for violent disorder at EDL demonstrations, there will be few in Southend who will welcome the EDL’s show of solidarity.

With friends like these, who needs enemies, Cllr Blaine?

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