UPDATE: It gets better! JCB donated £5,000 to David Cameron’s own local party last year.

UPDATE II: Donations in kind made by JCB include private jet flights for Tory front benchers.

The only British company to be namechecked in David Cameron’s conference speech has donated more than £4 million pounds to the Conservative Party in the last ten years, figures reveal. After citing a string of American firms based in the UK and alluding to manufacturing sectors, the only UK company to be mentioned by name was heavy vehicle manufacturer JCB.

Call us sceptics, but we wondered whether the following might be related:

The Staffordshire based firm, which is led by staunch Conservative supporter Sir Anthony Bamford (pictured below with David Cameron and George Osborne), even donated £50,000 to the party when it was laying off hundreds of workers in 2009.

As we will reveal this week, David Cameron is not the only Tory with a questionable relationship with Sir Anthony and JCB.

  1. Watching David Cameron’s hallmark speech to the faithful at the conservative party conference. Was a joke taken too far. To watch this marketing man whose skills were honed at Turner communications a job bought for him by his mother-in law after he entered politics was truly laughable to see. The adoring true blue faithfull clapping on cue for the hollow words uttered .brought a wry smile to my face .The dimwits were full of enthusiasm for the nonsense he spewed. Yet the young faces sitting there in embarrassed silence was something interesting to see.

    For an unelected man now Prime Minister of the UK a position he has to thank the disingenuous social democrats his coalition partners who placed him in that high office I find truly appalling. This is anathema to those who find the policies adopted by his coalition administration sickening.

    I believe the vast majority of people find his governments policies will further lead the economy of this country which is drastically faltering to total disaster and the Tories as usual will try and rest the blame on the previous administration saying at least we tried to put it right .Not admitting of course they took us from the frying pan into the fire. Cameron‘s big ideas are so out of touch with the people of this nation as to be risible. The man is so full of himself.

    One can hope he disappears up his own **** his ego could fill an Olympic size swimming pool.

    I think this is a view shared by many in this nation who see him for what he truly is.
    An Rt Hon Twit of Bullindon club fame. This man is truly out of touch with the people of the nation at whose behest he serves.

    To think he is the PM of this country makes me want to emigrate from the nation I love.

    His government asserts that they have no fall back plan for the economy and in turn are taking the people of this country into the depths of despair with crazy policies the unacceptable face of capitalism would find hard to accept.

    He talked of dogs yet failed to recognise he was the flea sucking the blood out for them. Marketing men are as useful as flees on a dog.

    His government’s policies will ruin this nation. Cameron lives in his own world of fairy tales. It is time he woke up and smelled the coffee. Being the slick marketing man he is. He would want someone else to buy the coffee for him. While he has his breakfast this country burned recently I attribute that directly to his government’s crazy policies albeit the death of a black youngster considered to be a gangster being shot by the police being the catalyst.

  2. At least he never encouraged people at the conference to boo and hiss at the name of a former leader, pretty much in the style of a Stalinist purge rally!

  3. I care not that JCB got a name check for a donation, I seem to recall others getting knighthoods in return for cash. Please understand Labour and the Conservatives are the same party with marginal differences. Don’t get all worked up over the illusion of a choice. The Labour bench are almost all millionaire toffs from the same schools as the tory bench. THEY ARE ALL CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH!

  4. @Riley the young faces sitting there in embarrassed silence was something interesting to see

    At least they weren’t flung out of the arena’s back door by a group of burly thugs and then detained for hours under the Prevention of Terrorism Act for showing insufficient adoration.

  5. JCB manufacture in the UK and also run an academy to ensure this country has plentiful skilled workforce. It’s no surprise they get name checked in a conservative speech since it’s what conservatives dream about, which also explains why JCB donates so much to the conservatives, what’s the alternative? Left wing parties that are inherently suspicious of any kind of private enterprise.

  6. Sean callaghan says:

    And yet it was reported that he couldn’t even operate a hand drying machine at the party conference toilets and we distrust him with our lives and money, he would not give u the time of day neither would Norris.jhonstone,their public school boys who don’t give a monkeys about the average Joe just how to climb higher and scratch the backs of the corporate elite.it’s time for change it’s time to wake up,and hold our governments to account for their actions we are their employers the governments should be held accountable by Everyman and women in this country thevtime for change is now.

  7. James Tylforth says:

    One has looked upon the many comments this story has attracted.
    Some are quite astute and some pure but simple party one liners.
    JCB is not a unique instance of a company donating money to a political group and JCB have made many workers redundant by moving production to lands afar that do not have a minimum wage.
    One wonders why the Conservatives have tried to quash the minimum wage so soon ?.
    It is indeed worth to note that David Cameron was never elected to his current position as prime minister from a mandated of the public.
    A man who has an reputed fortune of around £30 Million can indeed shout from the rooftops “we are all in this together” yet sent the chimney sweep up the chimney to shout the words for him .
    One can foresee the utter demise not of the Conservative party but of the the Liberal Democrats as they walk the halls of power yet the torch they carry will be extinguished into oblivion while the Tory Party will smart for many years to come.
    Coalition is not a simple task yet David needs to be reminded we are not at war with Germany and the spirit of history has changed Britain and we are now not a nation but an administered area just over the water from France .

  8. Quentin Thrustbutt- says:

    Cameron is a ass hole born into cash so is the chancellor George Osborn AKA GIDDIEN OSBORN…………..he changed his name to hide the fact he is another Etonian with a pillow fetish

  9. meanwhile the previous labour govt spent all the cash and more. On what, no one has ever said and told us why they couldnt even care about balancing the books. This country is in trouble, caused by gordon bennett.

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