The charge from Ken Livingstone’s campaign that Boris Johnson is a “part time mayor” seems to have hit a nerve, with London’s arrogant mayor telling an awards dinner last night:

 “If some Lefty, snivelling opponent tells you that you can’t combine writing and politics you can remind them that Churchill wrote journalism throughout his career.”

The Old Etonian blustered:

“And then he continued, I discovered the other day, to write the history of the English speaking peoples – more than 20,000 words of it – after Hitler had invaded Poland and when he was in charge of the entire British Navy.”

Leaving the hubris of comparing oneself with Britain’s greatest war time leader to one side, Scrapbook cannot resist speculating whether Churchill could have discharged his duties to the nation if he had spread himself as thinly as Boris:

  • Did Churchill have a weekly column with the Daily Telegraph, the £250,000 salary for which was derided as chicken feed?
  • Did Churchill have a book contract with Harper Collins?
  • Did Churchill have yet another book contract with AP Watt Publishers?
  • Did Churchill write book reviews for the Mail on Sunday?
Perhaps John Rentoul can tell us the answers.
  1. Churchill also maintained a stable of [ahem!] “researchers”, merely glossing their drafts — some time ago, Martin Gilbert was blaming a virulent piece of anti-semitism on Churchill’s ghost writer, Adam Marshall Diston.

    By the way, how many of the Ten Commandments has BoJo now broken? After yesterday’s singularly offensive and inept “in the name of God and Mammon …”, I’ve got to seven. [As at

  2. Still goes to more meetings and visits Boroughs more in three and a half years than Ken did in eight. And not drunk at 10am either

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