Israeli officials disclosed secret information on Iran to Adam Werritty because they assumed he was Liam Fox’s official adviser with appropriate security clearance, The Times has claimed (£). Fox’s controversial friend even used the word “we” to talk about the Ministry of Defence.

Werritty reportedly quizzed Israeli officials on potential airstrikes against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambitions, with one asking:

“Why was he allowed to meet with us and hear sensitive security information if he had no official standing? I shared information with him that I would not have otherwise.”

As a “freelancer” Werritty was able to operate outside the constraints of a diplomatic straight-jacket. This was to the keen interest of British intelligence services, who were given to debriefing him on his return from foreign jaunts.

One cannot imagine Israeli officials will be thrilled that the contents of discussions — with someone they assumed to be the Defence Secretary’s close aide and a hawkish “fellow traveller” — may have been passed directly to MI6.

This could yet get even more messy.

  1. Surely you don’t really believe secret agencies would give away their crown jewels to a special advisor in a foreign govt (even if Werritty had been one). We are not allied to Israel, and it is not a member of NATO. We are however allied to Turkey, which has a v testy relationship with Israel.

    If Mossad are saying this I can only assume they beleive it will soon come out they have been working with Werritty somehow, and are trying to spin the story early.

  2. Mustbcrackers says:

    The MoD has agreed a contract wth UAV systems of Leicester for the supply of 45 drones.

    UAV Systems is a joint venture company between Thales (UK) and Elbit of Israel.

    Werrity visited Israel with Fox in 2009. I believe the MoD contract with UAV was signed after he became SoS for Defence.

    That seems to be worth looking into.

  3. Sorry, are you suggesting that an official MOD advisor would never pass information to MI6, whereas an unofficial “friend” might do so?
    Surely, it would be other way around? (on the basis that MI6 and the MOD are all on the same side…)

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