Perhaps even Tory-loving editor Dylan Jones regretted giving GQ magazine’s the “Politician of the Year” award to George Osborne. The chancellor drew jeers for an appalling (presumably SpAd-penned) joke while simultaneously casting the glossy lifestyle magazine as some form of pubescent masturbation aid.

“I’m not sure who actually reads the politics pages of GQ magazine. I suspect they are the only pages that a teenage boy hasn’t stuck together in reading the magazine. Some might say that’s because the wankers are on the page rather than reading them.”

While heckles from the audience were barely picked up by the microphones, David Mitchell’s reaction certainly was:

“That’s lowered the tone hasn’t it”.

  1. Well if the GQ magazine is for wankers, they’ve certainly picked the biggest one to receive the award…

  2. It’s a bit rich for David Mitchell to mock Osborne’s joke; he’s made a career off of rubbish filthy jokes like that.

  3. Apart from the bad taste a quick google search would have revealed to the hapless joke writing SpAd that average age GQ reader is 31 and over 65% of readers earn more than £50k … hardly pimply, masturbating teens … indeed presumably many of GO’s rich pals buy the mag … oh hang on, maybe that’s where he got the material … YUK

  4. Well, that’s done it George!

    Now we know you are intelligent enough to be regressing the Country on ideological purpose!!

    Stick to economics, let us just think you are retard!

  5. Quite a few people have remarked that if anyone should have been awarded ‘Politician of the Year’, it should have been Tom Watson. (However, given that Watson has shone a light into the murkier side of mainstream journalism, it’s unlikely that they’d be his biggest fans – even if GQ itself has never been involved in those practices.)

    Deciding to make the award to Osborne was pretty extraordinary, although Osborne’s dubious joke was even more so. Imagine how poor old Dylan Jones must feel. His faith in his idols, Dave and George, has already been under assault by the abject failure of the economy to blossom under the stewardship of a Tory-led government. He decides, however, to bolster his own faith and that of other believers by pretending Osborne is the *saviour of the nation. How does Osborne repay him? By assuming that his tasteful lifestyle magazine for successful men about town is a w*nk mag for teenage boys!

    Perhaps at long last the scales will fall from Dylan’s eyes. (Incidentally, that fawning book he wrote about Cameron sold so poorly it ended up being flogged off at Poundland. Poundland, for heaven’s sake, somewhere GQ readers wouldn’t be seen dead in! )

    * GQ’s statement on Osborne’s award: “Osborne is like Atlas carrying the coalition’s weight on his shoulders. He remains its most important strategist, the lieutenant to whom the PM listens most closely and the man who must save the country from economic perdition.” That’s according to judge Matthew D’Ancona – he’s even funnier than his sister, Ronni.

  6. It depends how you measure the quality of a politician of course. But Osborne has done remarkably well in:
    A) Getting appointed to the most important economics job in the country when he has neither education nor experience in it (his only related experience pre-politics was in finance, which is quite different)
    B) Persuading a great number of people that his version of ‘utopian economics’ is the only way when people such as Christopher Pissarides, Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman are all practically screaming that he’s going wrong.
    & C) Convincing several media figures and a large proportion of the Conservative Party that he’s the next ‘leader in waiting’, when most members of the public are baffled at such a suggestion.

    …so to avoid being negative I think Osborne really is a good politician

  7. At least we now have confirmation as to why the economy is in the pan. The pages of George’s copy of the FT were obviously stuck together. That’ll explain why he’s not yet read that his policies aren’t working. Someone should buy him an iPad, as they are easier to clean.

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