Is there no end to Maurice Glasman’s repetoire of achievements? Often spotted smoking a roll-up on the terrace at Westminster, the academic, community organiser and life peer is seemingly a musician too.

Discovered during the research effort for a new book on Glasman’s “Blue Labour” movement, a YouTube video features the single Justify It by The Ashtrays, a band formed by Glasman while he was supposed to be reading history at Cambridge.

Suggestive liner notes claim that Glasman met his bandmate Dominic Robinson “in a public lavatory” where they “agreed about some kind of rhythm method”:

Having committed his art to vinyl, Glasman lays claim to a more accomplished musical career than Tony Blair, whose band Ugly Rumours performed just six gigs before breaking up.

  1. hmm. Maurice and I were in school together and I joined the band as the drummer – we mostly rehearsed on a farm in ferriby and played the odd concert at cambridge where Maurice was at St Kats. This was aroubd 1981…

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