Blue Labour guru Maurice Glasman fell asleep while waiting to meet Ed Miliband for the first time, Scrapbook can reveal. The academic was caught off guard by the energy saving lighting system at Miliband’s old Whitehall department, plunging the waiting room into darkness and luring the wonk into the land of nod.

The anecdote was leaked to Scrapbook from an advance copy of a new book on Blue Labour by Guardian and New Statesman hack Rowenna Davis. The launch is given added piquancy by its publisher, former LabourList editor Derek Draper, who seems to have inherited his former boss Peter Mandelson’s political hardiness.

But Liberal Conspiracy report the former spinner, now surely on the last of his nine lives, will be keeping his head down:

“sources say Draper will keep a low profile this time around [and] avoid interviews.”

Draper’s Ruskin Publishing may yet come to rival Iain Dale’s Biteback imprint, until now relatively unchallenged in niche-interest political publishing.

But it remains to be seen whether the Blue Labour brand can be revived from its own sickly torpor in the wake of its figurehead’s recent comments on immigration.

  1. Ah, Mr Staines the fortune teller…. in this case you have a point, but as the “guy” who posted a video of the Draper residence on line I would imagine little is beneath you. Has “Dave” still not offered you a safe Tory seat to reward all your vile toadying to him while pretending to be “objective” and “independent”?

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