Conference always brings the oddball party members out in droves — and the Liberal Democrats aren’t to be outdone. Adapting the costume de rigeur of beard and sandals, delegate Matthew Whelan has turned up with beard and tattoos instead.

The self-styled “King of Ink Land”, who has legally changed his name to, erm, “Body Art” enters the conference hall with up with 80% of his body covered in tattoos. Whelan has spent £20,000 on the body modifications, and likens his body to a BMW, saying he wants his skin preserved after he dies.

Taxidermists also plan to preserve Ming Campbell in the event of a future Charles Kennedy leadership challenge.

  1. Yup rebel who put a tie on to fit in. Sad man. Symbolic of LibDems who abandon their beliefs to be part of the system. Next election… bye bye Lib dems

  2. Liberal George says:

    So you lovely “lefties” would rather the conference hall be filled with pale male delegates, would you?

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