With his tweets about Latino house, “Chuka’s Choons” DJ mixtape for the Spectator and holidays in Ibiza, the shadow minister for small business and enterprise certainly isn’t shy about his love of music.

But while most of us confined our embarrassing teenage email addresses to the dustbin long ago, Chuka Umunna’s UK garage-inspired inbox was the subject of some amusement in legal circles as late as 2002:

Good to see the nation’s 53rd most influential left winger has now exchanged this for something with slightly more gravitas.

  1. Oh FFS, so he has an email address of ukgaragefreak? So what?! In conceivable what way is this “embarrassing”? What sort of idiot do you have to be to come up with this as a “story”? One of my email addresses is “bicyclebill”, and I signed up for that one aged 35.

    Get a grip.

  2. That’s the problem about Westminster, most of you could do with getting out a bit more. Sure his musical taste might be somewhat dated, but come on – most Westminster hacks listen to jazz FFS – and that’s just the newly-graduated young fogey researchers!

  3. One day people will learn that this is a humerous website that they should enjoy rather than slate. Why do half the commenters have a sense of humour failing before coming to it.

  4. Jamie de Rooy – not quite, UK Garage pretty much foreshadows much of the UK’s current electronic music scene, and has recently found a new niche. And Ace Gikmo, Umunna was a lawyer, something I think most of us would regard as a ‘proper job.’

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