The geographic scope of the Leveson Inquiry into the phone hacking scandal could be widened with the news that Scottish solicitor Aamer Anwar will be making a submission to the investigation. The high-profile legal activist said:

“We welcome the opportunity to make submissions to the Leveson Inquiry and will be highlighting the fact that criminality by the News of the World was not exclusive to England, but also rampant in Scotland.”

Anwar famously defended former Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan in his perjury trial, where the defence claimed that convicted hacker and NOTW employee Glen Mulcaire had accessed Sheridan’s phone illegally. Andy Coulson insisted that he had no knowledge of any hacking, and that Mulcaire had been paid for, erm, “legitimate services”.

As reported in August, Scrapbook understands evidence given by figures including Andy Coulson, Bob Bird and Douglas Wight may be of relevance to Strathclyde Police’s Operation Rubicon, the Scottish equivalent of the Met’s Weeting and Elveden inquiries into hacking, perjury and corruption.

To think that the “single rogue reporter” defence was still being used in July.

  1. I have always felt that Tommy’s sentence was motivated by his politics. What I mean is, Tommy has been one of the few to win against the establishment, EG. Anti Poll-Tax campaign. Tommy has recieved a severe prison sentence for his alleged crime, I believe the appeal by NOtW was politically motivated, and the witnesses to be embroiled in the hacking scandels that have turned the public against Rupert Murdoch. These same witnesses gave evidence at Tommy’s trial. There testimony must be called into question. All those from News Corp/Inter that have been caught in the cover up or denials are also part of Tommy’s nightmare. Tommy should be given at least the benefit of doubt.

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