With hundreds of vigilantes mobilising to protect their neighbourhoods from rioting in recent days, broader questions have begun to emerge about the political character of certain “fightback” groups.

Last night, residents of Eltham were forced to deal with hundreds of drunk English Defence League activists, who threw bottles at police while chanting “We love you England”, while the British National Party have jumped on the riots as a chance to peddle their racist agenda, printing leaflets which talk of a “Black Blitz”.

Now, the founder of a popular anti-riot Facebook group, which has received almost a million “likes” in recent days and has even been mentioned by David Cameron, has been been outed as a hardcore racist after making a series of sickening comments on Twitter.

Sean Boscott originally used the “Supporting the Met Police” group to encourage people to follow him on Twitter for his “foul jokes”. But his description of rioters as “these animals” may be have far more sinister undertones than many realise.

Here’s a selection of his tweets (with more here):

Namechecking the Facebook page this week, David Cameron said:

“We have seen the worst of Britain but also the best of Britain with millions of people who have signed up on Facebook to support the police”

A pity that the founder belongs in the “worst of Britain” category.

  1. The important question to ask though is; is he a rioter/arsonist/mugger?

    Posting racist jokes on his Facebook page doesn’t make him any of these.

  2. No, but it still makes him the scum of the country along with all the other idiots with no regard for their fellow human beings!

  3. So telling jokes makes this man a hard core racist, what a stupid comment. Whilst not condoning these jokes we must put them into perspective. IMO a hard core racist is someone who discriminates either verbally, socially or physically against a person of another race or creed. Your article insinuates that someone who perpetrates a physical racist assault is as bad as someone telling a joke. They were jokes FFS!! That is like saying that someone who tells a sexist “blonde joke” is a serial rapist.

  4. He also made a hilarious attempt to claim that those earlier tweets of racist jokes were the result of rioters hacking into his twitter account.

    Looking at the dates it’s not terribly difficult to see that these genius hackers had also built themselves a Time Machine.

    Further brief investigation shows that all of ‘his’ jokes are just copy and pasted from various other websites eg sickipedia.com

    Bit of a div really.

  5. Jack, whilst I agree the use of the word “hardcore” may be questionable, your argument is weak.

    “IMO a hard core racists is someone who discriminates either verbally, socially…” Is that not exactly what these “jokes” do?!

  6. Attaching the word “joke” to something doesn’t make it ok. There are a lot of people who seem to be confused by “funny” & “insulting.”

  7. He may not be one if the rioters but he and those like him are one if the causes of the unrest that afflicts our society. Thanks for exposing him and for the other information you put out so rationally.

  8. You can try all you like, but you will never put a good man down! We love being black not because we can hate and discriminate, but because of our ability to love and embrace all mankind with an understanding heart. As much as you hate us..we still love you 🙂

  9. @Jack:

    IMO a hard core racist is someone who discriminates either verbally, socially or physically against a person of another race or creed.

    Are these “jokes” not discriminatory?

  10. He’s a racist. Just because you regard some of his offensive, discrimatory and malicious remarks as “jokes” doesn’t justify them, or him, posting them. Especially at a time like this.

    He may not be a hardcore racist, but were any of us to be posting such drivel on social sites of any nature, we too would be labelled racists. He is no different, regardless of setting up a page supporting the police against the rioters.

    “…They were jokes FFS!! That is like saying that someone who tells a sexist “blonde joke” is a serial rapist…” – Possibly the stupidest comparison EVER. Grow a brain, please.

  11. There is nothing funny about those ‘jokes’ and anyone willing to tell them publicly is capable of more than just a little casual racism

  12. Would this alleged racist be as stupid to start a group and attach his Twitter with “jokes” that have a racial slur to them? If so his stupidity knows no bounds….

  13. That is like saying that someone who tells a sexist “blonde joke” is a serial rapist.

    No – it’s like saying they’re sexist. Which would be fair.

  14. “So telling jokes makes this man a hard core racist, what a stupid comment. IMO a hard core racist is someone who discriminates either verbally…”

    Does Jack have a brain?

  15. This guy is telling racist jokes so yeah, he’s a racist.

    It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that these sort of pages are created by people who think racist jokes are amusing. I’d expect that a quick trawl through the posts and comments would reveal plenty of racist stuff too.

    What’s sad is that there were so many examples of people doing good, decent things in the aftermath of these riots, cleaning up their streets and the like, that Cameron, as well meaning as he may have been, chose to cite people clicking a ‘like’ button on Facebook.

  16. FallenMadonna says:

    The support page was used to recruit EDL. It was also covered in BNP support and racist remarks. That’s why I left it. The guys is a hardcore racist. See his only a fraction of cover-up in action here http://t.co/SfTqXib I’m told he’s cleaned up the support page since I left, too.

    IMO a million people behind a hardcore racist is a scary thing.

  17. Fascism does not start with comcentration campd,thats where it ends,rascist Jokes are hate wraped up in a smile ,thats where Fascism starts with just such coments,

  18. Katrina Reeve says:

    I joined this group as a show of support against the riots. I have read nothing that made me think Sean is racist. So he told a few jokes. Big deal. How many people in their lifetime have not laughed at an inappropriate joke, even if they knew it was in bad taste? Keep your slagging off for the scum who took part in the riots and stop trying to portray this guy as the next leader of the national front!

  19. Mary-Ann Foster says:

    I ‘liked’ his Met Police facebook group only so that I could post on it’s wall a link to his racist tweets. I think it is indisputable that he is a racist and it is only fair that the people who ‘liked’ his page saw the real him, rather than thinking he is a ‘great guy’. I think his racist beliefs totally undermine what the group is about and this should be made clear to people. He has now disabled the wall on his group and set his twitter feed to private. He has also deleted his Youtube channel and Formspring page, though screen grabs have been taken and videos downloaded. His lies about his account being hacked are obvious, unless his account was permanently hacked.

    Here is a site with more about him.


    Please, don’t congratulate him for supporting the police and please, lets not celebrate this man. He is no better than a member of the EDL or BNP, and who knows, maybe he is.

  20. I think that the riots and the cleanups have shown that race has nothing to do with how people define themselves within society. It makes me sick to think that people are trying to use this situation as an opportunity to bolster their racist agendas. Did they not see the coverage on the news? Rioters were from all ethnic backgrounds, and equally, so were the people coming out to clean up and protect their neighbourhoods.

    If you have a look at the website in question, quite a few of the more well informed members have obviously found out about this man’s tweets and have commented that they agree with supporting the police but not him. I think it’s important to emphasise that 1 million people have joined a group in support of the police, not the founder, and many won’t have even given it a second thought to check his background before joining.

  21. @Marie-Anne, I totally agree, we should not celebrate this man. The scary thing is when I said that this man was a racist on the wall, people were defending him? The page it- self is great but I wonder where this is going? He has 1 million on that page listening to him. Scary power. He will use this power some how, I think he is in the BMP or EDL. I like the wall but I can’t stand by and see a guy one minute telling racist jokes, rape jokes etc and then look like he is concerned about a Malaysian guy who was beaten up. Makes me feel sick! I just hope that some of the 1 million people aren’t racist, afterwise we do have big problem on our hands.

  22. Somehow I can’t resist the suspicion that someone has broken into his account and posted all of this racist stuff to provoke the negative reaction against him….Pure politics here ))

  23. Katrina Reeve says:

    It’s not people telling a few jokes that are the problem here. It’s people like you Mary-ann and you Jenny that are trying to whip up hate against a man you don’t even know! You have the nerve to call someone racist when you yourselves are doing what racist people do and that’s judge someone you have never even met! What did you all do that was so constructive when the riots were going on? Did you constantly spend your time updating a Fb page to keep everyone informed and hopefully a little safer? Doubt it. And btw Jenny, I think you’ll find its BNP not BMP. And I know this because I pay attention to the news and not because I’m a member, before you ask.

  24. Mary-Ann Foster says:

    Katrina, I’ll tell you something I didn’t do whilst the riots were going on, I didn’t make up racist jokes about the black people in Tottenham stealing plasma TVs, Sean did. I didn’t perpetuate the myth that all black people are thieves. Sean did.

    And please, how is drawing attention to a racist person the same as being racist? Totally absurd response, beyond ridiculous. I am most definitely NOT the problem here.

    What I am judging Sean on is stuff that HE has written and published on the internet. I think that’s pretty much fair enough.

  25. I’m not a racist and I don’t tell racist jokes. The jokes are racist plain and simple if he had black or Asian friends he would not be posting them as they are offensive he is racist plain and simple.

  26. I also agree with Mary-Ann Katrina he is racist in my opinion he has given people enough ammo to make their own minds up.

    We might not know him but you judge people by their actions and he is telling racist jokes go figure.

  27. Katrina Reeve says:

    The jokes that are printed above are nothing to do with riots or stealing tvs so where did you get the information that Sean had made up jokes to do with that? And plz tell me how this one, solitary person is responsible for the myth that all black people are thieves? Get real! I applaud what Sean did while the riots were going on. At least he was trying to do something to help. I don’t understand what the purpose of your hate campaign is, truly I don’t.

    Are you telling me that throughout your whole life, you have never, ever made a derogatory comment about someone, be it someone black, white, man or woman? You’ve never laughed at a joke about blondes or men? If you tell me you haven’t, then wow! What a wonderful person you must be.

  28. FallenMadonna says:

    Hear, Hear, Mary-Ann.

    Katrina – I spend hours over the riot period updating twitter, facebook, police AND Facebook Celebrity of the Year and your friendly local hatemonger himself. He didn’t do it all alone you know! He’s far from the saint you seem to think he is.

    He has cleaned the page up over the last 24-48 hours but it had plenty of BNP friendly stuff as well as people appearing to be recruiting for the EDL. This is on top of some really sick racist comments. People who tried offering him the opportunity to explain on his page and had their comments deleted whilst the racist ones were left alone – well, at least until he realised he was caught out and appeared to clean up his act in a frantic attempt to save face.

    I was a member of his page but left after witnessing some of the disgusting stuff on there and seeing the evidence elsewhere.

    If anyone really believes ALL of his many online accounts were hacked, you’re seriously naive.

  29. He set up the facebook page in support of the police and to keep people informed of the current situation. His updates were more current than the same loop the different news channels choose to show!! And by doing this he helped quite a few people avoid the hotspots.
    So what if he tells a few ‘racist’ jokes…..tell me you all haven’t told one or laughed at one…..and then I’ll show you a liar. Put things in perspective people.

    Racism is a word that is over used, and most people couldn’t tell you the true meaning of the word!

    Morgan Freeman summed it up in his interview on 60 minutes…..the only way to stop Racism is to stop taliking about it!!

  30. He set up the facebook page in support of the police and to keep people informed of the current situation. His updates were more current than the same loop the different news channels choose to show!! And by doing this he helped quite a few people avoid the hotspots.
    So what if he tells a few ‘racist’ jokes…..tell me you all haven’t told one or laughed at one…..and then I’ll show you a liar. Put things in perspective people.

    Racism is a word that is over used, and most people couldn’t tell you the true meaning of the word!

    Morgan Freeman summed it up in his interview on 60 minutes…..the only way to stop Racism is to stop talking about it!!

  31. Mary-Ann Foster says:

    I saw the racist jokes about black people in Tottenham with my own eyes, before he made his twitter feed private. That’s where I got that information from.

    I said that Sean was perpetuating the myth that all black people are thieves, which he is, I didn’t say he was the only person responsible for this, please read my comments more carefully in future. But if you think it is acceptable for people to use ‘humour’ to spread racial hatred and enforce undeserving racial stereotypes then that’s up to you. If you think it’s acceptable to humiliate and ridicule ethic minorities, disabled people, religious people, and to justify it with the attitude of it being “just a joke” then again, that’s up to you. But to do that is to sweep racism under the carpet, to ignore it, to allow people to continually be victims of it. It’s basically like you’re saying it’s ‘ok’.

    And I’m not starting a hate campaign, I’m merely informing people as to what he’s actually like.

    And no, I’ve never laughed at or said any hate filled jokes, because amongst other things, they’re not actually funny. So, I guess you’re right, I am a wonderful person, thank you.

  32. The only reason why I’m commenting is because people are saying that they are just innocent jokes and people shouldn’t get bent out of shape… Now, obviously not everyone has the same sense of humor. For instance, rape victims will probably not like rape jokes. To be frank, twitter or any social network is not the place for any kind of sexist, racist, political jokes of this nature unless you are ready to deal with consequences. I personally didn’t find it funny, but I’m not about to judge because I don’t know the whole story. Those posts (if he did it as an innocent joke) were unprofessional and he deserves the criticism that will ensue. Racism hasn’t ended. Yes, Morgan Freeman said “to end racism is to stop talking about it”. If that’s the case, this guy didn’t do it. By now everyone should know that if you’re not a comedian, keep the jokes at home.

  33. I see the word Whitey all the time on the accounts of blacks and Asians and yet that is construed as being acceptable.
    I have met far more racist non-whites than I have whites but while “Chalky” “Whitey”, “White Bread and “Ghost” is so easy to say, everyone seems to afraid to say “Nigger” or “Paki” yet blacks and Asians say it all the time!
    This worlds frikkin mad!

  34. Mary-Ann Foster says:

    Wutzhap- Unless his account is permanently hacked I would assume he is lying. Seeing as his racist bile goes back several months and there is clear evidence of racist interaction on his feed, I think it would be fair to say, he wasn’t hacked. Like I have already said, his Formspring page has been deleted as well, which I am told, also contains racist material.

    It’s a cop out to say he was hacked, he is a racist and a coward. Don’t believe his lies.

  35. Katrina Reeve, are you for real? You say people are trying to whip up hate against a man they don’t even know. You say, ” You have the nerve to call someone racist when you yourselves are doing what racist people do and that’s judge someone you have never even met!” Excuse me Katrina but I can assure you I have never met Messrs Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Bormann, et al. I never met the late BNP councillor for Burnley, Luke Smith. I never met Nick Griffin, Stephen Smith or Sir Oswald Mosley . So by your twisted rationale, I’m not allowed to call them racists? I think you have no idea what a racist is.

  36. Michelle, you say, “So what if he tells a few ‘racist’ jokes…..tell me you all haven’t told one or laughed at one…..and then I’ll show you a liar. Put things in perspective people.”

    This says a lot about who you really are. You simply cannot comprehend how others can think differently to you. You think anybody who does not think like you is a liar. Wow, that’s some ego you have there! Either that or we can use the old chestnut of a lack of parental guidance, poor education, etc.

    Oscar Hammerstein II said it better than I could:
    You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear
    You’ve got to be taught from year to year
    It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    …Of people whose eyes are oddly made
    And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late
    Before you are six or seven or eight
    To hate all the people your relatives hate
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!
    (South Pacific)

    Racism is in nuture, not in nature. You ought to have issues with whoever nurtured you.

  37. Katrina Reeve says:

    Andre I can assure I am for real. As someone who lives in Britain but is not British I have first hand experience of what racism is as I have encountered it more times than I can count. Telling jokes does not make you racist, however, pushing someone to the ground because you don’t like where they are from does, in my opinion, make you racist. I have experienced both jokes and physical violence and I can tell you that the jokes don’t hurt. Getting your face slammed into the ground does.

  38. Well he’s disappeared off twitter and Facebook now – the group has vanished… never did quite make the million supporters either.
    And for the record any joke/comment/action is deemed racist by the intent. If it’s intention is to poke fun/harm/disrespect towards someone because of their race (and their race is different to yours) – it’s racist. You may or may not be offended by it but it’s still racist.

  39. I would like to point out that I followed Sean on Twitter for over a year, and found him to be nothing more than hilarious.

    As an out gay man, to family, friends and work colleagues, I found his gay jokes amusing and incredibly light-hearted, in the same way I might tell jokes about a straight person, because I’m gay….does that make me heterophobic? No it does not.

    Yes he told racist jokes too, but under discrimination rules/laws they amount to the same thing, so yes a DIRECT COMPARISON CAN BE MADE.

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  45. I love u racist fools. Your like rocket fuel for us… Carry on the good work… Love and peace, oh shit no… Hate and hate some more, give us rue drive to build a better economy than yours… I love to hate you man….

  46. Katrina, Ididn’t realise that racism meant exclusively physical violence. In my naïvety, I thought it meant a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others; a hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Thanks for putting me straight.

  47. OK so this guy help people out when the riot was going on. I liked the page. It was great. I support the Police all the way. I have been campiagning to my MP to asking that the goverment DO NOT cut the budget of the Police! The Police are made up of Black, White, Men, Women, anyone supporting this man is supporting a racist. There is lots of envidence to back this up. He was also linking the Twitter page from the Facebook page and edited it when people started to notice. But I am NOT going to be part of any thing that guy has created. That’s my choice, if you want to follow him thats your choice. That is freedom of speech! Telling racist jokes isn’t funny. What if he started telling Black Policeman jokes? Where is the line that you draw. We havn’t heard the last from this guy, if you want him as your role model or spokesman be my guest. He dosen’t speak for me!

  48. If a joke is funny, it aint racist.
    Racism is all in the mind of the recipient and of you find they hurt your feeling fucking man-up you crybabies!

  49. Truth Hurts, only a racist would find a racist joke funny. Ergo, the joke is racist; Q.E.D. Am I missing something here?

  50. André, does that mean that laughing at a Blonde joke makes us sexist?
    Or a sexual joke a pervert?
    You need to spend less time in church and more living your life man.

  51. Truth Hurts, I have not been to church since I was about 10; actually, just about the same time as I began to realise that I could think for myself. As you know, the church doesn’t like ‘free will’.

    Your remark that racism is all in the mind of the recipient is disingenuous in the extreme. I’m sure all the slaves, lynch-mob victims, victims of race hatred, etc., really needed to just ‘man-up’ and stop being crybabies (NOT!). I never heard such a puerile, ill-informed attempt at an apology for racists in my life. I would venture to suggest that you do notreally know the definition of racism.

  52. Oh trust me, I do.
    As an Englishman who live din Wales for many years I was discriminated against and looked down upon on a daily basis by the Welsh but eventually I realised that their words were the stupid reaction of closed-minded, insecure idiots and no longer did it offend me.
    You may argue that this is not on the same par as Whites ridiculing Blacks but it is regardless of the groups involved.

    Also, people accuse the “White race” of being racist and yet no-one mentions how incredibly racists the Blacks are against Whites.
    Should be always be classed as the racist slavers when it was Blacks who enslaved Blacks far before we arrived?
    You only have to watch comedy shows and movies geared at Blacks to see the White man portrayed as stupid and not good enough for their women. I have a number of Black friends and they are all unbelievably racists but can get away with calling me their pet-name of Ghosty as it is accepted.

  53. I actually know this prat. I was unfortunate enough to work with him.

    Sadly he is exactly what you think he is… A racist, a lier and a general nasty nasty vile and vindictive person.

  54. And sadly, to all those that thinks he ‘Helped out’ those during the riots, everything he does will only be for his own benefit. A very sad truth but that’s the way he is and always was.

    Waste of oxygen if you ask me…

    For those that do support him, you’re even more stupid than he is.

  55. By the way, Sean works in a garden centre and sells sheds for a living. That’s how intelligent he is… I therefore wouldn’t listen to one word this very sad, very unimportant and very power hungry effort of a human.

    That is the real Sean Boscott. A very sad and lonely person.

  56. @Not Stupid
    But you’re the real shit right? Im sure you’ve done something very important in your life, that will impact the human race until it dies out. School children will be taught about “Not stupid” for his amazing intelligence that saved us all. Oh wait, not they wont. Because like most people, you are also unimportant.

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