The Scientology organisation has unveiled detailed plans to exploit the civil unrest which has gripped the UK this week, and is gearing up for an unprecedented mass recruitment and donations drive – with the aim of using the UK as an anchor point for their global operation.

In a leaked email entitled “Do you want to continue in a world like this?” the group — described in parliament as an “evil cult” — has called members to action, declaring their methods as the only way to solve Britain’s unrest.

“…while the government and emergency services have started taking action – it is NOT the answer. Dianetics & Scientology ARE!”

Political Scrapbook revealed this week that Scientology had been sending teams of “volunteer ministers” to cleanup operations in London, Birmingham and Salford. There have since been reports of canvassers in Plymouth, and more are expected to take to the streets in Brixton this morning.

The controversial sect now looks to profit financially from the disturbances, calling for donations to help open so called “Ideal Orgs”, operational bases for Scientology throughout the country. The email boasts of plans to bring “the multitudes” into the organisation, and in a chilling passage, sets out the sect’s strategy for global domination:

“We have a strategy – Birmingham is next. By putting that stable datum there on the cross roads of the UK, and the world, we will then be putting sanity not only into that community and England, but to the Planet.”

It also claims that the majority of the looters are children who have been “drugged, are illiterate and in psych hands.” Scientologists are vehemently opposed to the practices of psychiatry and psychology, labelling them a barbaric, corrupt “industry of death.”

If you see the Scientologists on the streets today, grab a photo and send it to us.

  1. When will the masses learn to embrace Brianetics?

    Brianetics – or the philosophy of Brian – will save this nation. At the heart of every problem in this country is someone with opinions different to mine.

  2. That deluded and arrogant tract is an excellent example of exactly why the Church of Scientology is and always will be a fringe group.

    Behind occasionally glossy PR, it has nothing of any substance to contribute to society.

  3. It always about PR and Regging huge amounts of Money from Scientologists
    they Do it where ever they go.

    they took over a Orphanage from a Scientologist in Haiti after the earthquake,and milked it for PR purposes,and an excuse to raise money.

    that Orphanage was given back to the Hatian Scientologist after the dust settled.

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  5. You have caught the essence of the Church of Scientology’s position – it is an organisation run by fanatics who believe they have the only solutions to everything.
    However its ordinary members belong to a culture that approves of helping people so they are encouraged to do so as ‘Volunteer Ministers’. In Scientology theology the poor and disadvantaged are seen as being ‘downstat’ having ‘pulled in’ their problems, so for Scientology leaders the VM program is simply PR.

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