Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is not known for a measured, thoughtful approach to public policy, but with his response to the London riots he has really excelled himself. In a tweet this morning, the mustachioed climate change denier sent a message to the Government’s emergency cabinet meeting saying rioters should be summarily executed:

Helmer’s comments were met with disbelief, even from the conservative blogosphere. Surely this was just a clumsy turn of phrase – he must be talking about non-lethal ammunition, right? Well, no. After being asked to clarify his comments by Conservative Home’s Tim Montgomerie, Roger confirmed that he was indeed seeking the death penalty for the worst rioters.

Given that the riot was started with police bullets, we wonder how helpful this will be.

Update: Yesterday, Mr Helmer posted on his blog proudly describing his recent visit to the “Solutions for the States” conference in New Orleans, after which he was invited for a morning’s shooting with the National Rifle Association. In the post, Roger proudly announces that he owns an NRA tie, emblazoned on which is a quote from the Second Amendment of the US Constitution:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

His hosts also gave him a T-shirt bearing the slogan “The Second Amendment: America’s Original Homeland Security”

Perhaps this is where Roger acquired his new gun lust?

  1. Such a surprise, this, coming from the man whose lack of understanding of the term ‘date rape’ culiminated in him defending the rights of an amorous young man to ‘not to be able to stop himself’ from penetrating an unwilling girlfriend, or some such deeply offensive and ill-considered rubbish. Someone should bundle him into the back of a van and release him into the middle of a riot scene- let’s see how loose-lipped he is then. The state cannot hope to quell mass violence by force. For society to function, it depends on personal, internal policing, which requires people to believe that society is fundamentally good for them and worth respecting. That clearly isn’t the case with these kids, so society itself has a case to answer. I wish Mr Helmer the very best of luck in trying to resolve it with a good ol’ round of shooting. Idiot.

  2. Beth…society has no case to answer. Stop pandering to the very people that are causing these outrageous crimes. That’s exactly what they want everyone to think..”it’s our social environment that’s let us down”,what nonsense. Everyone has a choice of what path to take. These scum bags choose to follow the “gangsta culture” and have a total disregard for anyone but themselves. Their sole aim is to steal,deal, mug, rape and kill as much a they can until they have earned an appropriate status and wealth.

    Roger Helmers comments may be harsh, but to a degree very true. We need tougher handling of the situation to bring it under control and quash it. If you recall the LA riots (in similar circumstances) certain so called ethnic groups trashed, looted and eventually started killing innocent people. I remember watching the news and seeing a man being pulled from his lorrycab and being shot at point blank range with a shotgun. It was sickening to watch.

    Do we start allowing innocent people to be killed before we take appropriate action?

    I praise Mr Helmer for at least having the guts to come out and say what the majority of people are thinking, instead of some liberal mumbo jumbo approach that we will get over the next few days.

    The quote “nip it in the bud” comes to mind

  3. Its an age-old proven method to spread the word that ‘looters will be shot’. Youd only have to shoot one anyway. Bravo Mr Helmer.

  4. Sorry Beth but your wrong and its that bleedin heart attitude thats part of the problem. If these looters insist on acting like animals then whats wrong with treating them as such and dishing out a bit of the discipline thats clearly been lacking from their lifes.
    Maybe its yourself who should be bundled into the back of a van and released into the middle of a riot scene, sure youd change your mind pretty quick!

  5. “Their sole aim is to steal,deal, mug, rape and kill as much a they can until they have earned an appropriate status and wealth.”

    Isn’t that how the ancestors of the majority of our ruling classes got where they were going?

  6. Actually Beth I think you will find that force is extremely successful at counteracting force. That’s the reason it gets used throughout history. If this had been treated appropriately on Saturday night, I doubt there would be the taste for robbery, looting & arson we are currently watching on the televison.

    & your point is………..? What?

    People are losing homes & businesses here & it cant be long until there is innocent loss of life.
    But it’s all just relative, innit’.

  7. Dear Auntie Chris,

    People are losing homes, businesses, jobs and even lives as a result of the policies of (among others) those who’s ancestral wealth has cushioned them from the facts of life as it is lived by huge numbers of people in contemporary Britain. This is all rather impressionistic, I concede; but if I a moderately well-off individual feel as outraged as I do about how business and politics are tearing apart the progressive achievents of the twentieth century, then I think the rioting of the utterly disenfranchised is only to be expected.

  8. I have no sympathy with looting, and I know I’m stating the obvious but …

    Isn’t this (“summary executions”) why the UN sanctioned intervention in Libya ?

  9. “For society to function, it depends on personal, internal policing, which requires people to believe that society is fundamentally good for them and worth respecting. That clearly isn’t the case with these kids, so society itself has a case to answer.”

    Right and right again. Well said Beth.

  10. This riot was NOT started with police bullets. The rioters and thieves are using that as an excuse, it is certainly not the reason, so stop talking rubbish. These people choose to live outside the law, outside of civilized behaviour….therefore shooting them is not an inappropriate response. If someone was running at me meaning to destroy my home or hurt me and I had a gun, I would shoot them dead. I think the death penalty SHOULD be brought back and anyone who thinks different should be made to live with these sorts of animals and see how humane THEY are.

  11. siôn Jones says:

    Askj assad for advice – He knows how to deal with civil unrest! And ask Saudi if we can borrow a few of their ‘riot police’ – trained by our special forces, and recently seen in action in Bahrain.

  12. Shoot the lot of them. Either that or press gang them for IED and mine clearance in Afghanistan. They’re a just a complete drain on resources at a time when those resources are limited. In the end you have to ask where is the benefit in having these people in our society? Just a complete drain over their lifespan, health, benefits policing costs amongst others with nothing back financially, socially or otherwise. Get rid.

  13. Primly Stable says:

    He only comes out with crap like this so he can watch people react and then gleefully state that what he says “may not go down well with the liberal elite” etc etc. Why give him the publicity?

  14. aka Lora Norda yet this Tory twit does not want the Banksters who have plundered Britain or the Murdoch media corruption racketeers even jailed…because they are rich perhaps ?

  15. As soon as I see someone using the word “banksters” I know I’ve ended on some bog standard socialist blog and the commentators watch far too much of Russia Today, namely the Max Keiser show.
    No originality, no considered debate, merely second-hand ideas pinched from far left lazy thinking.

  16. I’m surprised Roger Helmet is in favour of the 2nd amendment. Still, an armed citizenry should do the job nicely. After dealing with any stray looters, they could move on to the establishment and give them their lead-tipped regards for the mess they’ve created.

  17. I am appalled at the rioting, but equally appalled at the poor quality of the analysis here. The ‘solutions’ proposed here are gibberish. Is that the best thinking produced in a once civilised society?

  18. they know what they are doing is wrong, so shoot them and send out the message that their actions will not be tolerated. I am so sick of the stupid pussy-footed approach of our governments. It would only take a a few rioters to get shot to stop all this. And who cares if they get shot, there all the dregs of society that are rioting anyway. And any teenagers or children that are out there, well throw their parents in jail for raising burdens on society.
    If they want this to end. End It.
    Mr. helmer has clearly got more sense than any one who is calling the shot because at least his idea will work. In this case, the means are justified by the end

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