An anti-riots Facebook group praised by David Cameron was deleted last night after sickening racist comments from its creator were exposed. The page “Supporting the Met Police against the London rioters” had gained nearly one million supporters by the time it was pulled by Sean Boscott, along with his personal Twitter page with over 50,000 followers.

As the viral success of his group even saw the founder interviewed by a Canadian TV station, his past running a Twitter account specialising in “bad taste/offensive jokes” returned to haunt him:

When disgusted Facebook users quoted his racist one-liners, Boscott used the ridiculous excuse that his “account was hacked” despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary:

Mr Boscott claims his Twitter account was hacked for seven months and he wasn’t responsible for the jokes … his account was linked to Facebook pages and it was only after people started noticing months worth of these nasty oneliners that this feeble excuse emerged. All of a sudden, despite interacting with his followers just days ago, his Twitter feed became private, endless topless photographs vanished and Facebook pages were altered.

The only credible remaining option was to reach for the delete button.

Good riddance.

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