A prominent member of the Conservative Party’s youth wing has finally apologised for a racist blog post after being slammed by a charity. Steven George-Hilley’s blog London Spin last week published an article entitled Young Tory: Gypos Mugged me on King’s Road, which contained references to “gypsy magic” and was accompanied by a photograph of a black and white minstrel.

Pictured above at a campaign launch event in CCHQ, George-Hilley is one of the party’s leading organisers in London. He is married to Cllr Clare Hilley, the deputy chairman of Conservative Future reportedly feted by David Cameron to improve the Tories’ standing with women voters.

When sent a copy of the London Spin post, a spokesperson from the London Gypsy and Traveller Unit was disgusted:

“The tone and language used in this  piece sadly reflects the level of ignorance and racism and  that Gypsies and Travellers routinely face. We can all agree that theft is unacceptable, but does the editor of London Spin agree that racism towards Gypsies and Travellers is also unacceptable?”

Having hung up on us last Friday, George-Hilley spent the bank holiday weekend trying to ignore the row. Baseless legal threats were sent to Scrapbook from an internet hostname beginning “steveng” warning of a high court writ and “substantial asset seizure”.

Rather than respond directly to the charity’s question, however, the disgraced blogger has finally issued a lukewarm apology:

“The editorial team … sends sincere apologies to those who were offended and has agreed to make a donation to the relevant party for an undisclosed amount.”

Looks like he can forget about joining his wife on the 2015 A-list.

  1. ROB SHEFFIELD says:

    Its Prince Harry !!

    Oh no.

    It is just another identikit upper class Tory public school eduated buffoon.

  2. As pointed out yesterday, whilst Papa Lazarou is a ridiculous gypsy stereotype, he is not a black and white minstrel. Repeating this just makes you look out of touch.

  3. Let’s be clear; ‘gypsy’ is not an offensive term to a group of people who swan around in caravans, ruining parks/football pitches/any bit of grass they find, then leaving a load of mess before seeking pastures new. Anyone who lives somewhere vaguely rural will have experience of gypsies polluting and causing a mess. Let’s not pretend these people are a minority group, or deserve special treatment. They contribute nothing, they don’t play by the rules, and they take advantage of our tolerant society.

  4. Fair & Proper says:

    This moron Steven George-Hilley and his Counciller wife Clare George-Hilley (Promoter Conservative Future Women) have a lot to answer for. The use of the word gypsy by itself is not offensive, but the use of a photograph of a black and white minstel is deeply offensive to many.

    Clare George-Hilley is a Councillor in a London Borough with a large ethnic mix and the article by her husband will be deeply hurtful for many Croydon residents, many of which she is paid an allowance to represent.

    As a result of her bigoted (an on the face of it potentially racist) husband’s article it appear there is NO Conservative Future and certainly NO Conservative Future Women future.

    If this is evidence if the bigoted nature of young aspiring conservative politicians then this country has little future and I am now considering resigning my membership of the Conservative Party in disgust.

  5. There is always a new story about racism in the news. But there is a lot more going on in the street, work places, people being frowned upon.
    Its now known to most people that its a common thing in England. Everybody knows it happens but nobody cares.

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