Well would you believe it — shall we just call him Mystic Nick? As the general election loomed, Clegg warned Sky News of violence linked to future Tory cuts:

“There is a danger of having any government of whatever composition led by a party which doesn’t have a proper mandate across the countyr trying to push through really difficult decisions”

Pressed as to whether his suggestion of “rioting in the streets” was “a bit much”, Clegg responded:

“I think there’s a very serious risk”

Scrapbook wonders if Lib Dem Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone, whose constituency borders the Tottenham violence, agrees.

  1. Louis Goddard says:

    Tessa Jowell’s got the best quote: “This is Walthamstow in North-East London — this is not Athens or any other Greek city.” Lolz.

  2. Yes Louis, like in some what British people were in some way above all that kind of thing. Stupid old woman. As for Cameron calling his deputy stupid… tut tut.

  3. Clairvoyant Clegg? I don’t think so. Ricky Wilson predicted all this back in 2007.

    Who would have thought though, that young, black, inner-city youth would be so distraught at America losing its triple-A credit rating and the falling markets?

    The sooner we get a new crack dealer into Tottenham – to replace the one with the hole in his head – the better. A nice cup of tea and some crack – that’s what’s needed to calm the folks down.

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