District Judge Daphne Wickham has just handed down a six-week prison sentence and a £265 fine to Jonathan May-Bowles (aka Jonnie Marbles), the “comedian” who gave Rupert Murdoch a pie in the face at last month’s committee hearing. While this is probably fair — according to eye-witness Paul Waugh, Marbles gave Murdoch a “real whack” — Scrapbook couldn’t help but notice her strangely inconsistent record on similar cases.

Last year, Wickham cleared notorious TSG riot cop Delroy Smellie of assault after he slapped a female protester in the face and hit her in the legs with his baton, apparently unprovoked. According to The Guardian, Smellie nodded to the judge after the hearing and said “thank you very much.”

In March of this year, Wickham let off another police officer, Marcus Ballard, with 150 hours of unpaid work after he pushed a teenager through a shop window. A similarly cosy incident in June saw James Allen QC — a Deputy High Court Judge — served with nothing more than a 12-month supervision order after he beat his wife in an argument about an uncooked dinner.

Are protesters, police and judges equal under the law? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

  1. Taking the Smellie case: Even the prosecutor admitted Fisher was “irritating, aggressive and confrontational” if you see the entire youtube footage rather than the edited version you put up, you can see that the crowd is getting aggressive and hear her and others repeatedly being told to get back but she refuses and gets right in his face screaming about pushing a “fucking women” at him. It looks like she is the first one to actually use physical contact – (How bright is that in such a volatile situation and at a protest/vigil for just such a thing as police violence?)” – What the hell did she expect to happen? She failed to give evidence – I gather she was depressed…probably at not getting more than £26000 through Max Clifford for her story. (No, no, I know that’s not a factor in whether he should have been covicted! I’m sure I’d do the same!) Peaceful protest” my eye…
    Did he use more force than was necessary? My opinion is yes and he should have been at least disciplined but to compare the two incidents is just silly.
    As for the other two…they weren’t “let off” – I can imagine what this web site would be saying about some Daily Mail story that claimed a drug addict had been “let off” with “nothing more than” a supervision order…
    So are you saying that they should have ALL gone to jail or they should have ALL been let off…or are you political point scoring?
    Marbles attacks right wing media baron so must be good guy but the other three are left wing hate figures so tough luck if they go to prison.
    Oh and, Michael, perhaps you should actually check the stories then?
    There is a serious debate to be had here re sentencing, domestic violence etc. But I doubt you guys are interested in that…

  2. MAGISTRATES, JUDGES, ETC DON’T NEED TO BE CORRUPT. They have an innate instinct to preserve their position as tools of the ruling class.

  3. @Michael: It was removed because it was potentially libellous. But if you want to indemnify us against defamation proceedings then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

  4. clifford richmond says:

    Compare the foam to the aerosol string/fiona bruce case – £80 fixed penalty for that, seem pretty similar m.o.

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