In a move likely to cause not inconsiderable consternation in some quarters, protester and disability activist Jody McIntyre has been defenestrated by The Independent for comments such as this:

  1. At last some common sense being shown! This obnoxious moron seems to revel in his notoriety ever since the student demos. His disgusting tweets have made a mockery of free speech and given succour to criminals and others intent on using legitimate protest and a families grief as a cover for wrongdoing.

    The Police may not be angels at times but burning people out of their homes and putting even more people on the dole is not the way to deal with grievances.

    Granted this may sound old-fashioned to some; but where I come from we were always taught right from wrong. Perhaps now Mr McIntyre will sink back into the oblivion he belongs in perhaps after a spell as a guest of Her Majesty.

  2. Sandra Weaver says:


    This may have been taken out of context. If you know about the work of Jody McIntyre, you would understand that he is a well known protestor, and that perhaps his comment had more to do with the initial reason for the unrest (the history of police brutality and the death of Mark Duggan) and not the escalated form of protest that is taking place. As per usual, a scapegoat has been found to carry the burden of public complaint. Jody McIntyre is not one of the vandals, nor did he organise the riots. The looting and burning that is occurring is indeed criminal and must be stopped, but it must also be noted that a good man has lost his job for using unwise wording in his own personal twitter stream. Since then, there seems to have been an endless stream of hatred and disgust sent in his direction. This kind of behaviour is tantamount to the mob mentality that is driving the burning and looting at present. We must wonder, as a society, if this actually helps the situation.

  3. Emanuel Stoakes says:


    I have to say that I agree with the poster above. I have looked at the reply sidebar on Twitter and can see the absolute poison that is directed at Jody by his detractors, most of which is so offensive about his condition and becomes rapidly very personal. It’s just hateful apoplexy most of the time. Jody made a mistake. He didn’t start the riots. He believes in communities standing up to oppression and he spoke out at the wrong time. He doesn’t deserve to be villified and certainly doesn’t deserve to be abused on account of his disability as some people are doing.

  4. Wow, quite a lot of apologists present here. Take a look at the photos taken of the so-called brutality directed toward McIntyre at the ‘protests’ of which he was a part and all you’ll see is police officers calmly lifting him out of his wheelchair (which he was using to prevent a mounted charge) and placing both it and him at the side of the road. What happened to personal responsibility? You impede the path of people attempting to stop violent disorder and reason that they’re the one’s responsible for your having been moved?!

    McIntyre is anything but a good man and if he’s had hate directed at him then it’s with good reason. Good for The Independent for taking the soap box away from this disgraceful human being who sours the reputation of all protesters and disability activists.

  5. Calmly lifted out of his chair are you blind Anon? We’ve all seen the footage of him being dragged across the road. The IPCC didn’t say the dragging was wrong for a laugh. And yes he’s a bit radical I hear being the victim of a police assault will do that to you.

  6. should have sent those policemen straight up to tottenham when the riots kicked off,they would have stopped the whole thing right away,big tough guys that they are.just another case of police brutality on show and how convenient the 6 month time limit kicked in.always seems to help bent coppers,politicians,judges and corporate scum but never the old dear who cant afford her tv licence.what are we allowing the world to become.keep up the good work jody

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