Simon “Parking Violation” Hughes it seems is determined to rid himself of what miniscule amounts of honesty and integrity he had left. His face beams out from the pages of this week’s Southwark News, where he rails against proposed cuts to police budgets in the wake of the London riots.

He told the paper:

“I think what happened demonstrated the case against cuts…It seems the police could not cope until they had reinforcements”

So when the time came to vote on the 2011-12 police grant, which slashed the budget by 20%, you’d expect Hughes to have taken a solid stand. Given this prime opportunity to publicly voice his objection to police cuts, the taxi driving Lib Dem fig-leaf obviously did the honourable thing…and abstained.

Regular readers will remember that this isn’t the first time Hughes has been caught saying one thing and voting for another. Back in June, Political Scrapbook pointed out his uncertain stance on the localism bill, of which he was vocal in his support in the parliamentary debate – and then promptly voted against.

The week before, in an even more brazen case of selective amnesia, Hughes was rumbled claiming two crucial votes on proposals to end secure tenancies – upon which he abstained – had never taken place. He famously abstained in the tuition fees vote, despite being vociferously opposed to the proposals in public. In December he told the Evening Standard:

“In the end I accepted that it was my responsibility as deputy leader to respect the Coalition agreement my party democratically endorsed in May. This made clear that opposition on the issue should be expressed by abstention.”

Much easier to just keep your name away from the lists and just hope nobody notices, eh Hughesy?

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