Moments ago, a government e-petition calling for the release of documents on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster became the second to reach the threshold of 100,000. The milestone means the issue will likely be debated in the House of Commons, pending approval by the Backbench Business Committee.

The government is appealing a decision by the Information Commissioner that minutes of a meeting of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet held in the wake of the tragedy should be made public.

It is shameful that victims’ families have had to wait this long.

  1. Given that DC’s government has created an entire website on government transparency (, I expect this petition to go through without a hitch.

  2. Please – be open and honest with us all. We are all only human.
    “To err is human, to forgive sublime”

    Please let us all “live and learn” from the Hillsborough disaster. Surely none of us want a repeat of any disaster.Yet knowing can assist in healing wounds (physical,psychological,spiritual).

    We need to know we are all in this together, we wish the disaster did not happen – we know it did. We need to mourn and recover, and part of this is by having knowledge of all aspects. Then we may feel united in a common cause – protection of human life and limb( holisically).

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