Three months after royal wedding fever gripped American TV networks it appears Fox News have taken it upon themselves to remodel the British constitution.

In the parallel universe related to their viewers, we have now ditched the monarchy and replaced Liz II with Dave I. In a slide captioned “Cameron in Command”, the Murdoch-owned channel calls the prime minister the “UK president”.

And with their poor grasp on even the basics of British politics, it should come as no surprise that Cameron’s mixed performance over the last few days sees is spun as the paragon of decisive leadership. Faced with riots across London, viewers are told that Cameron “comes out himself immediately” while Barack Obama allows “congress sits at home” despite the U.S. debt crisis.

Dave “came out immediately” … hours after telling everyone he wasn’t interrupting his holiday in Tuscany.

  1. Yes, because you know, the US had all those rioters and looters in DC. Oh wait, the looters are there when Congress IS in session. My bad.

  2. So the group was taken down because the originator was racist. People need to separate the product/medium from the person.

    For example, should all VW Beetles be taken off the road because Hitler was a racist, or that the Declaration of Independence is torn up because Jefferson was racist? Should the newspaper sites and sites like this one, be shutdown for republishing his ‘jokes’? Are they any better than him for repeating the jokes? I expect Boscott uses a mobile, should his mobile network be closed down? Where does it stop?

    Did a million other racists ‘like’ the group? No. I suspect that most of the ‘likes’ were ordinary people supporting the sentiment of the original idea, that the police had the support of the majority of law-abiding citizens in this country against the rioters and looters.

    What Boscott (whoever he is) did outside Facebook was of no interest to me, the same as I do not have an interest in what the majority of the other 600,000,000 Facebook users do. Perhaps I should, but I really do not have the time to spare to go into everyone’s background that posts something on Facebook before I ‘like’ it.

    If all people acted responsibly, then there would be no need to shutdown anything.

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