When links between the Norwegian gunman Anders Breivik and the English Defence League began to emerge last month, the group’s makeshift PR operation went into overdrive — leader Tommy Robinson (a.k.a. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) went on Newsnight to “deny, deny, deny”, while members on Facebook peddled ridiculous conspiracy theories:

“Would a leftie Gov really cover up a muslim attack to fulfill their aims politically?”

(A Question To Which The Answer Is No if we ever heard one.)

But if the EDL is trying to hide its violent side, it’s doing a pretty poor job. Hope Not Hate has today published photographs which appear to show group members posing with an arsenal of weapons, including rifles, shotguns and submachine guns — no doubt some are replicas, but the message is pretty clear.

Evidence of “muslamic rayguns” has yet to emerge . . .

  1. Robert the crip says:

    Five air rifles two shot guns and a mixture of what looks more like imitation fire arms, and the small bore pistol which I suspect will fire ball bearings then sadly not a lot of fire power, children playing at being men, and one rifle which might or might not be real, but looks to be from the stand of an air show, not real army is it.

  2. If these morons are going to behave like that, I’d be grateful if they would remove the BLUE bits from the flag (as shown on picture 6) How you can be the ENGLISH Defence League posing in front of the United Kingdom flag, is beyond me.

    Still to the towering intellect of the thugs above, I’m sure it all makes some sense.

    Pretty colours huh?

  3. They still have a lot to learn from the Jihads about looking menacing, don’t they?

    What a bunch of Onanlists!

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