UPDATE: CarerWatch have put the letter on hold as they are now in negotiations with Atos, who have conceded that the site should be restored. We have withdrawn the wording at the request of CarerWatch. A statement from Atos is reproduced below.

A disability group has written to MPs after a support forum used by disabled people and their carers was shut down at the behest of a DWP contractor.

As we reported yesterday, the CarerWatch Forum was forced offline after multi-billion-pound IT company Atos threatened its online hosts with legal action, part of an ongoing campaign against websites which have dared to criticise its botched handling of Work Capability Assessments.

But CarerWatch have made clear that they have no specific problem with Atos — in the latest letter, seen by Scrapbook this morning, founding member Frances Kelly writes:

[wording withdrawn by request of CarerWatch]

She also explains the impact of the sudden closure on CarerWatch’s members:

[wording withdrawn by request of CarerWatch]

UPDATE: We have just received the following statement from Atos:

“We acknowledge that the closure of the forum has caused unnecessary concern for CarerWatch members and would like to assure you that this was never our intention. Our request was that the libellous content relating to Atos Healthcare and our employees be taken down in order to protect the reputation of our employees and company against the false and malicious allegations that were posted.

“We fully support the right of people to express their opinions and intend to work with CarerWatch to ensure the site is reinstated as soon as possible.”

  1. Why “Wording Withdraw”? Has ATOS told them not to talk to anyone at all? Are they running scared. Has ATOS’s solicitor been warning them about the Serious Consequences of non-compliance? Do CarerWatch have their own solicitor to advise them? These questions need answers.

  2. http://carerwatch.blacktrianglecampaign.org/ is not online at the moment as a forum.

    It would seem that Atos had no intention of “helping them back online” just as their mercenary “health care professionals” have no intention of “helping the disabled into employment”.

    Lets face it these contractors are doing what they have been doing for over 10 years now as it was the same with SEMA their predecessors.

    The DLA examinations and the WCA for ESA are just “filters” that set the amount of clawback the DWP wants from sick and disabled people.

    Poor sick and elderly people are being forced to jump through hoops just to get some meagre benefits.

    In the process there is evidence that the direct actions of Atos have [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS].

    Atos continues to quiesce when allegations of [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS] are made, why are they not denying it?

    More questions than answers I am afraid.

  3. I have made a couple of edits to a comment on this thread. With several sites taken down, I don’t plan for Scrapbook to go the same way. There are numerous other places on the web you can read the manifold allegations against the company (use Google) but please keep comments to what has been proven, please.

    NB: If you represent Atos and are reading this, please get in touch with us directly before doing something ridiculous. http://politicalscrapbook.net/contact/#mainsection

  4. @ians12

    “http://carerwatch.blacktrianglecampaign.org/ is not online at the moment as a forum.”

    All the posts are still there and their membership is intact it’s just that the admin are keeping it closed currently but I understand from them that there are certain posts that registered and logged in members can can see on the above forum

  5. I can give you something from personal experience if you like, Laurence – the ATOS assessments make me want to kill myself. And I’m not kidding. My mental health is never more unstable than around assessment time – because I know how hard my condition is to prove to those wilfully blind to it.

  6. Stop “editing for legal reasons” this is a forum open to public discussion. You are only playing the fear game. If you are so afraid as to shut up people and sensor their commentaries, I have one suggestion: stop publishing your ideas get a job outside the Internet!

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