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Independent - Revealed: Brooks’ past link with Milly private detective Guardian — News of the World phone hacking: police review all child abduction cases Daily Telegraph — Phone hackers ‘snooped on Soham families’ Daily Mirror — Phone hacking scandal: ‘parents of murdered Soham schoolgirls were targeted’ Daily Mail - News of the World hackers 'targeted the parents of Holly and Jessica' Daily Express: New outrage as Soham parents are dragged into hacking scandal Image Map
  1. You should put up the News International covers too, especially the Sun’s with its complete absence of front page coverage.

  2. Interesting that the Daily Mail and Daily Express don’t have phone hacking as their major headline (more like a secondary cover story).

    Good to see the other papers giving it more of a focus.

  3. NOW SALT IS SAFE TO EAT – seriously, who is reading the Daily Express??

    It has a circulation of 640,000 but I’ve never met anyone who reads it!

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