UPDATE: Oh my God, we killed the News of the World. James Murdoch has announced that not only will this Sunday’s paper carry no commercial advertising, it will also be the last issue. 


UPDATE: In an unprecedented move, the News of the World have announced that they have pulled all advertising from this Sunday’s edition. BrandRepublic reports that just four of their main advertisers remained, Sky, British Gas, Mars and Tesco.


With allegations of wrongdoing piling up hour after hour, most, if not all News of the World advertisers will be considering their positions. Do they really want to have their beloved brands associated with the hacking of the telephones of dead children?

Still advertising with NOTW


  • Ford 
  • Renault (“no advertising planned”)
  • Cadbury’s (“no advertising planned”)
  • Mumsnet (Have removed all Sky advertising from their site)
  • NatWest (‘Won’t be advertising in the next issue”)
  • Coca Cola
  • The Body Shop
  • Debenhams (“No plans to advertise with NOTW. Like everyone we are watching the developing situation very closely”)
  • Marks & Spencers (“No plans to advertise”)
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Vauxhall
  • Virgin Holidays
  • Halifax
  • Co-operative (after U-turn)
  • Aldi
  • TalkTalk (“no advertising planned”)
  • Mitsubishi
  • Bourne Leisure (Butlins and Haven resorts)
  • Dog’s Trust
  • EasyJet (“Whilst we have advertised in the News of the World in the past we have no current plans to do so” – hat tip to @rotty_boy)
  • N Power
  • Royal British Legion (Dropped NOTW as a campaigning partner, and “reviewing their ad budget” with News International)
  • Sainsbury’s
  • DFS (First of the top ten NOTW advertisers to withdraw, estimated spend of £608,000 for Jan-May 2011)
  • O2 (Another of the top ten, and the first communications company to pull. Estimated spend of £1.2m. CEO Ronan Dunne says ” While the situation unfolds, we will not be purchasing advertising in News of the World.)
  • Shopdirect (Top ten, estimated spend of  £640,000)
  • ASDA (While they were in the top 10 according to the Guardian, ASDA told us they had greatly reduced their ad spend to around £32k)
  • Boots (Top ten, estimated spend of £900,000)
  • L’Oreal (An advert will appear in the Fabulous supplement in this Sunday’s paper which has already been printed, but they have no plans to advertise beyond that)
  • Nivea (As above, will be in this weekends Fabulous, but nothing planned after that.)
  • Dixons Retail (Currys, PC World – withdrawing advertising “until further notice”)
  • Virgin Media (Withdrawing all advertising “for the foreseeable future” – statement to follow shortly)
  • Specsavers
  • Reckitt Benckiser (Cillit Bang, Calgon, Air Wick, Durex)
  • Dairy Crest
  • Eon (No plans to advertise)
  • B&Q (No plans to advertise – hat tip for this and Eon to @stu2308)

“Considering their position”

  • T-Mobile
  • Orange
  • Vodafone (“monitoring developments closely”)
  • Procter & Gamble (“concerned” and “reviewing their position”)
  • First Choice
  • Boots has shifted from a “no comment” line to “We do listen to our customers and will be carefully reviewing and monitoring customers’ views on these allegations before making any decisions”
  • Morrisons (Won’t be advertising this week, but didn’t plan to anyway. Still “awaiting more information” before they’ll pull out completely.
  • The UK Government (According to Commons leader Sir George Young, the Government will “urgently review” its advertising contracts with the News of the World

Also, comedian Dave Gorman has quit his regular column with the News of the World. Gorman’s management company, Avalon, confirmed to comedy news website Chortle, that “Dave won’t be continuing the column.”

Political Scrapbook will keep its ear to the ground, and will keep these lists updated as the story develops.

  1. Stuart Nuttall says:

    Orange apparently considering their position too. I guess most mobile phone operators would want to distance themselves from this hacking.

  2. Abigail ForsterBower says:

    The Coop? THE COOP? The name of the bank my husband and I chose to dupply our mortgage because of its ethical policies?

  3. Redmanthinks says:

    JUST NotW?? Why not all NI “Products” .The only thing these people understand is The Bottom Line, so this is precisely where we should hit them. How can any “brand” seriously be “considering their position”? It`s as bad as still advertising surely?

  4. The Co-Operative??!! letters need to be written…

    and yes, not just NOTW, ALL Murdoch products need boycotting.

  5. Remember that the NOTW is not just a newspaper – it also has a sunday magazine and I know of at least one advertiser that has pulled ads from this sunday’s magazine (and there will be other regular NOTW magazine advertisers who should be added to the above list)

    It’s also worth noting the website – I can also see both Disney and Unilever (Sure deodorant) advertising on there still, and there may be more behind the paywall

  6. Liam Murray says:

    Worth pointing out this is a ‘long game’ – all the supposed ‘outs’ at the moment are saying they won’t advertise *this week* or have none planned. If NOTW are smart they could pull ALL advertising for a couple of weeks anyway (the pockets are deep enough) and let the heat on this dissipate, perhaps even to let Brooks go at some point. Then the business model quietly builds up again and all the companies we’re lauding for taking a stand today will be back in the pages of NOTW come August.

    Just a thought that this needs framing for the longer term – something like “we trust company X wish to disassociate themselves from these behaviours on a permanent basis and won’t place advertising with News International again”.

  7. Don’t be totally taken in by Ford. Yes, they have said they are pulling their advertising from the NOTW but I understand they will redistribute their spend elsewhere in News International publications. All these companies should be following MumsNet’s example and boycotting the whole group.

  8. @allthosecallingforanewsinternationalboycott

    It wont happen. If you ask companies whether they will dump all adevertising in newsinternational thye will simply reply no. If they agree to dumps NotW then that is bad publicity and will hurt the business a little bit.

  9. Matt Zarb-Cousin says:

    Rob, are you on some sort of wind up?

    “Bad publiciy” is being associated with the News Of The World It’s completely toxic. I know you’d love to see a return to the days when the Labour Party had it’s lips firmly around Murdoch’s shaft, but we’ve moved on from that and so should you.

  10. I think the Co-op are discussing their response at a board meeting today.
    Because the Co-op is a democratic organisation that is the way they do things. It may seem to grind slowly at times but better that than the alterrnatives, like NI , for example.
    I fully expect them to do the right thing at that meeting.

  11. Coca Cola’s quote is actually “We have no advertising currently running with the News of the World and none scheduled for the future”

  12. The Co-operative have been very disappointing,they should have been amongst the first to withdraw their advertising..in fact as a company with professed community minded principles they should never have advertised in a racist newspaper owned by a tax dodging, far right wing tyrant .

  13. There are two types of companies: those who can make decisions and those who cannot. After couple of weeks everyone remembers how Ford reacted – and also remember, that all the others were hesitating. A marketing director with no sense of empathy will only think whether there is more money to make.

  14. Philip Mceveley says:

    In black and white,phone hacking is against the law and is a criminal offence,law breakers should be prosecuted and dealt with.All in charge being “Rebekah Brooks” should stand down then face the courts whether she knew or not.Rebekah Brooks should know what is going on at all times in her position……hence the overbloated salary.

  15. Elaine Quirke says:

    I agree this is an awful thing to have happened but for all those who plan to boycott NOTW/News Int products and services just be aware that you will no longer watch Sky channels, Fox movies, Fox News, House, Glee, The National Geographic Channel, The Simpsons or read the The Times, Harper Collins books, The Wall Street Journal, even shop at Brand Alley if the mood takes you.. Maybe just be a bit more realistic about the size and autonomy that is News Corp before making these claims. Are you going to ask advertisers to pull all advertising across those as well? Because it’s not going to happen.

  16. I wrote to Morissons to express my disgust at its statment that it will continue to advertise in the #NOTW and explain why I will not be shopping at its stores in future. Here is the reply:

    WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC – 107649

    Customer Service to “xxx.xxx@xxxx.xxx”

    Good afternoon Andy,

    Thank you for your email.

    We will continue to stock the News of the World. We understand the phone tapping allegations are serious and are being investigated but they are presently just allegations. We also prefer to allow our customers to make decisions on which newspapers they purchase.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Kind Regards


    Customer Services Department
    WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC
    Consider the environment…Please think before you print this email
    *Please do not reply to this e-mail as it is being sent from an e-mail address that is not monitored.*


  17. I’m impressed by how people have reacted to this terrible misconduct by NI. While I agree that the group has lots of companies whose products we will continue to use, this show of public anger should be a good lesson for the future.

  18. @Matt, I agree with boycott of NotW I just think a News International Boycott is unrealistic and impossible for the businesses.

    My mouth has never been anywhere near murdoch’s shaft.

  19. This is the greatest single thing to happen to the British people in a very long time!!!

    It is very humourosu to see The Sun have not really ran with the story, instead something about the relationship between Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole…and also Arsene Wenger on holiday!


  20. Carol Dowd says:

    No surprises in this newest NOTW scandal—or the police connections. Anyone besides me remember nearly half a century ago, NOTW allegedly told police that there were “drugs and illicit sex” at Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ home. Police raided the place, hauled Richards, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful off to jail, after tipping off NOTW about the raid so they could be there to take pictures and do a report. As it played out, a government official said that what was being done to the ‘Stones was like “Breaking a butterfly on a wheel.”

  21. @AndyTS
    Yes I got the same reply plus the line:

    “We have no plans to change our advertising policy. ”

    Well since I posted that, at least another 4 or 5 families (that I’ve spoken to) have countered by saying ‘well we have no plans to shop at Morrisons any more’.

    Disappointing to see that Morrisons have taken an ‘entrenched’ viewpoint rather than a considerative one. More fool them!


  22. I’ve heard that some smaller advertisers are being ‘Held to Contract’ by the NoTW. That is, those advertisers that are not LARGE valued corporate spenders (Ford etc.) are being told that they are in breach of contract if they cancel their adverts.

    Does anyone have any more info on this?


  23. Owen Blacker says:

    Comet replied to me:

    Dear Customer

    Thank you for your e-mail

    Comet is not currently advertising in the News Of The World. We advertise in a broad range of media and keep our advertising arrangements under continuous review.

    If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact me using the Ask a Question facility on the website http://comet.custhelp.com/app/ask.


    Chris Richardson
    Comet Customer Services

  24. Jon Harris says:

    Nice one PSBook, handy list that. In fact, a seriously useful contribution to the collective rediscovery of people power. I second Michael Roberts first sentence!

    @Elaine Quirke: I stand as an example of somebody in whose life none of those things feature. Granted, I may be a complete fruitcake, but I already take pride in trying to avoid the turd in the community swimming pool that is Murdoch. Surely if enough people decide to boycott NI, and stick to it, then it is almost certain that advertisers will pull out. I’m usually the least optimistic person in a room, but not today!

  25. Morrison’s appear to have slightly changed tack, here is the reply I received earlier:

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for your email regarding the current issues surrounding the News of The World Paper.

    Please be assured at Morrisons we do understand that our customers are very worried about the News of The World phone tapping allegations. There is a lot of speculation at the moment and we do not know all the facts, however, we would like to assure you that we are continuing to closely monitor the situation before making any decisions on our advertising.

    We are taking this very seriously and we are taking into account the views of our customers.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Kind Regards


    Customer Services Department
    WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC

  26. Jeff Thomas says:

    There is one sure way to break NI. Do not buy any of their publications. Is there a better way ? When you are on the bus/train/tube train or whatever going to work on Monday, look around you to see how many foolish people you notice reading “The Sun”, they probably work hard for a living, vote anything but tory and yet are naive enough to put money into murdoch’s bank account by buying his publications. That is just one of the reason’s murdoch can sit back and laugh his arse off at everyone.

  27. This looks promising – will it spread to the Sun and The Times? We have to remember that between them the Sun and the Daily Mail put Thatcher in power and after 1986 the countdown to bank failures was inevitable. Okay that reveals a few cracks in crapitalism but ordinarypeople have been sold short in many ways because of this.

  28. jimihendrix says:

    Brand Alley still considering their advertising position – they are owned by News International !

  29. Here’s my email to Morrisons:

    “As you can tell from my address and post code, I live virtually next door to a Morrisons store. Thanks to your position, announced today, that you will continue to advertise in the News of the World regardless of the paper’s decision to hack the phone of Milly Dowler’s family, I am choosing to shop at a different, less convenient, more expensive supermarket. Your insistence on continuing to advertise in the News of the World is an exercise in terrible PR. Good luck with that.”

  30. Actually I think t-mobile come under ‘awaiting outcome of police investigation’ and the companies in that group should be slated for that position. The police investigation will take months and they’re presumably hoping that the furore will blow over by then. They should be taking a stand *and seen to take a stand* right now, not possibly, in the future.

  31. I have E-Mailed Ronan Dunne, the CEO of O2, requesting that the advertising contract the firm has with the News of the World (worth £1.4 million per year according to Brand Republic) be cancelled. This the reply I’ve received…

    Thank you for your note. Following careful consideration and input from customers and employees, we have taken the following position:

    “We share the concerns of customers and employees about these quite shocking claims. Whilst the situation unfolds, we will not be purchasing advertising in News of the World. We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely.”


    Ronan Dunne

    This is significant as o2 is the first telecommunications company to withdraw advertising from the News of the World. Surely no other phone company would commit the PR blunder of advertising in a publication whose investigators unlawfully intercepted their customers voicemails?

  32. Been going crazy over facebook and twitter the last few days between this and VW Dark Side Greenpeace campaign. Really are in a time of virtual protesting! People power via social networking.

  33. peter cruickshanks says:

    i will not buy news of world or knowingly have anything to do with rupard murdoch products or shop at morrisons in future comon everyone lets give them what they deserve

  34. From Waitose – We’ve seen the calls for retailers to stop selling the News of the World but our view is that our customers will decide which newspapers they choose to buy.

  35. The only advertiser still on the front page of their web site is Club Penguin. Surely a Disney product marketed to children should be among the first to have severed links.

  36. michael.smith says:

    Not sure we really want anything banned, Rusty… just want the News of the World to stop being dicks. And to be accountable for previous dickery.

  37. I’ve just heard from T-Mobile, who disappointingly need to be moved into the bottom category in your list, it seems:

    “Thank you for your email outlining your concerns regarding the News of the World voice hacking investigations. We are currently reviewing our advertising position with News of the World, following the recent allegations, and await the outcome of the police investigation before making any definitive decisions.

    Please be assured that all feedback is taken seriously and thank you once again for taking the time to document your concerns.”

    You can see my reply to this, if interested, at the end of the comments on my (rather out-of-date) easy-email site.

  38. Just called Virgin Media and was read a press release by a very helpful customer services guy which states they’re now withdrawing all advertising from NOTW for the foreseeable future. Tesco looking more and more isolated, aren’t they?

  39. I have sent messages to Vodafone and Tesco that I will be withdrawing my business from them unless they join others in protest at this reprehensible and appalling situation every right thinking person should be doing likewise in fact those out there who support this organisation by buying their papers should stop forthwith and hurt them in their pockets. No one should be big enough to avoid the law of the land but if they do then the people should be their judge and jury enough is enough. It will be nothing short of criminal if this Government allow the take over of BSKYB as I subscriber I will immediately withdraw my subscription and go to Virgin

  40. steve tindale says:

    Of course Tesco’s stance would have nothing to do with one their directors, James Robinson also being a non-executive director of BskyB would it?

  41. Karl Frampton says:

    got this from DFS

    Good afternoon

    Many thanks for your email related to advertising with News of the World.
    As a responsible advertiser, we take the environments we place our advertising into extremely seriously, and will continue to watch developments related to the allegations that have been made closely. We currently have no immediate plans to advertise with News of the World.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Tweedale
    Group Retail Controller – DFS

  42. Philip Cunningham says:

    I have just called Tesco Mobile and said because of the advertsing in the NOTW I want to cancel my subscription.

    I was told that Tesco has cancelled NOTW advertising so there was no need to worry.

    I’ve posted this on the Tesco Facebook page asking for can someone from Tesco contact me to explain why this happened. It will be interesting to see if the reply. May be other people would like to call Tesco Mobile?

  43. Karl Frampton says:

    No change at Morrissons

    Karl – Thank you so much for writing to me. I’m glad you have let me know your thoughts. I am as concerned as you about the alleged practices by the News of the World – and even more so if they are widespread in other papers. I can guarantee you that the issue is being taken extremely seriously be me. There’s lots of stuff out there on social media about Morrisons’ position, much of which is wrong or unfounded. Let me say to you that we will continue to monitor carefully both the investigations by the Police and the News of the World – rather than making a hasty decision whilst it’s grabbing the headlines and trending on blogs. We want to make the right decision based on the facts. Regards, Dalton.

  44. Karl Frampton says:

    Conor Maples from Orange tweeted this

    Orange currently has no advertising scheduled with News of the World. We can’t ‘pull out’ if we have no advertising planned in the first place

  45. Well all those that were going to continue advertising at NOTW have just been saved a PR disaster.

  46. Karl Frampton says:

    Obviously NotW will be reborn when the furore dies down probably under another name, and remember Rebekah Brook stays in her job as boss of NI UK.

  47. I will never shop in Tesco again and will try and get out of my contract with Vodafone they did not have the courage to withdraw before the paper closes shame on them and shame on all of us if we support these companies in the future

  48. The news of the world is going to be scraped, this weekends issue will be the last one…. however the news international, whose parent company is news corporation, will just bring out another paper and everyone will just forgot the mis-doings of this company just because it will have a new face on a sunday. We should also be pointing the finger at the company that owns this newspaper! Yet news corporation want to purchase the remain shares of bskyb…. if they cannot be moral and legally abiding with a newspaper how can they be trusted to control more than 25% (market share) of our countrys’ media! Which by the way should be illegal in anycase as other companies in other industries have to abide by not owning more than a 25% market share of their respective industry, so does this have to change?! Are you a puppet of the Murdoch family!

  49. I can’t understand that you people do not understand – Companies that withdraw adds just did bigger add for themself. They are everywhere now – TV, Radio, Iternet & Newspapers and for FREE.
    I will shop at Tesco and I’m happy that I’m using Vodafone. The rest of the companies are on my blacklist from now.

  50. News Of The Screws is being reborn as The Sun On Sunday – apparently NI have been debating this move on and off over the years, and this brouhaha just accelerated the timing. Should TSOS get a free pass just because the masthead changed? I rather hope not.

  51. I mailed Tesco, Boots, ASDA and others asking what their position was this afternoon. Only Boots came back to me, saying that they were to withdraw advertising, but an advert will appear in the preposterous NoW magazine supplement which it is too late to withdraw. Kudos to Boots for responding. Gonna shop at Sainsburys or Morrisons from now on…they have at least some balls and manners.

  52. Also, it may be a good idea to contact those Companies that DID withdraw their support early (such as Ford, Sainsburys and Virgin Holidays) to let them know that you recognise the swift and desisive descision they took (even if for ‘good publicity’ reasons). We can’t just harangue the bad guys, we need to tell the good guys that we recognise what they have done. Just a thought….

  53. British Gas appears to be omitted from your list. It was 43rd on the Guardian’s list of 50 advertisers in NoW, with a spend of £234,000. See
    http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jul/06/news-of-the-world-top-50-advertisers-spend?commentpage=2#start-of-comments .

    I’m sorry to say that they responded negatively, saying “… we will not be changing our advertising plans at the moment. We will continue to monitor the situation and await the outcome of the investigations.”

    Message received from Secretariat of Centrica/British Gas at 14.35 pm on 7th July. Needless to say I have replied that this response is unsatisfactory.

    Dear (name)

    I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your email about Centrica/British Gas’ advertising with the News of the World. As Head of Secretariat , this has been passed to me to respond.

    I understand the concern about continuing to advertise with the newspaper, as the allegations made against it are clearly serious.

    The appropriate investigations are ongoing, and we will not be changing our advertising plans at the moment. We will continue to monitor the situation and await the outcome of the investigations.


    Pamela Coles
    Head of Secretariat

  54. I think a lot of customers will choose whom they want to read for themselves, though perhaps the market will indeed say exactly what everyone thinks it will (and boycott News of the World)
    Very interesting News.
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  55. The whole thing has gone quiet – are Rupert and James getting any kind of punishment apart from what they got from the advertisers?

  56. I worked as a photographer at the New of the World for over 20 years. You
    would not believe how many news stories we faked, and how many sex and
    sleaze activities exposed by the press were regularly indulged in by the
    very same two-faced journalists who had blown the lid off them. Is it any
    wonder that journalists are now rated by the general public on the same low
    footing as politicians and pornographers? Murdoch brought the British press
    to an all time low. Can it recover? My new book tells all

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