Rumours are swirling that Rupert Murdoch’s replacement for the News of the World will be edited by current Sun showbiz editor Victoria Newton and launch as soon as August 7 — with the first edition free. Eschewing the tongue-twisting “Sun on Sunday” title for pithy wordplay, however, Scrapbook has heard whispers that Britain’s newest red top could be called simply “Sunday”.

As we reported on Monday, Trinity Mirror plc has already owns the trademark “Sunday Sun”. Incidentally, the web domain — originally registered in 1997 — was updated on 10 June this year, shortly before Roy Greenslade reported on management changes that signaled “a move towards a form of integration of daily and Sunday titles” at Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper giant.

With significant investment in technology underpinning Murdoch’s paywall model for his News International papers, the choice of domain for the new paper is of some import. Along with, the address is one of over 2,500 listed on News International’s domain name servers, and has been redirecting to the News of the World site since at least March 2001.

Scrapbook wonders how many Sundays it’ll take for readers to forget about the hacking of Milly Dowler.

  1. Bearing in mind Rupert Murdochs recent troubles wouldn’t the famous U2 song title be more appropriate.

  2. “Scrapbook wonders how many Sundays it’ll take for readers to forget about the hacking of Milly Dowler.”

    How many? As many as it takes anyone to work their way through Guardian Online to find their tiny apology to The Sun for making up the Brown medical records story which was front page news in every British newspaper and news web site. But I’ll save you and your readers the trouble and link to a proper political blogger (who holds all sides to account) who has done the work for us:

    By the way, how many Sundays did it take for you to forget about Brown’s mates McBride, Draper and Maguire of the Mirror and their plan to invent stories about the wives of prominent Conservative politicians (including fabricated claims about mental illness, prostitutes, sexually transmitted diseases – to name only a few)?

  3. Also if there is any confusion I meant all of her stories will be nicked from the Popbitch mesageboard.

  4. @SG1974
    “a proper political blogger (who holds all sides to account) ”

    In your dreams?! Guido is a right wing blogger who has never held any tory to account.

    At least Scrapbook is upfront about their political leanings, unlike some who claim to be neutral, but who really just peddle one particular philosophy.

  5. John Ruddy,

    You’re a liar.

    Over the last week or so he has been posting articles on hacking and Coulson which will make Tory HQ squirm and Labour HQ squeal with delight. I can’t see any left wing blog or site remind its readers how all this NI stuff happened under Labour, while Murdoch supported Labour and while Blair and Brown whored after Labour. Where are the left wing blog articles about the Brown’s cosey relationship with Brooks and Murdoch? Where is the scrutiny of Baldwin?

    How many left wing blogs have carried this story:

    Yet Guido ran this article, putting heat on to Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson:

    The fact is, Guido has written articles attacking Conservative MPs expenses and has done more to go after ‘Piggin Wiggin’ than any Labour blog. He has been highly critical of Cameron’s trust in Coulson. He revealed the battles between Coulson and Steve Hilton which showed the chaos in Cameron’s No10. He exposed the dodgy situation between Hague and his “adviser”, including trips paid for by the taxpayer and shared hotel rooms. He attacked Caroline Spellman for her disastrous policies and uturns. He attacked Mitchell’s policy on overseas aid. He criticised Osborne’s relationship with dodgy Russians. He was one of the first to name Tory MP Andrew Bridgen as a rape suspect. He has ridiculed Ken Clarke’s chaotic policy announcements and reannouncements. He has published articles about dodgy Conservative MEPs that no other UK media outlet has bothered to report on.

    He has even posted positive articles on Ed Miliband when he is of the opinion the Labour leader has done something well, and his often highly compimentary about Blair and his legacy.

    Show me a Left wing blog that holds it’s own side to this much scrutiny. Show me a left wing blog that can say “Well done Dave”.

    By the way, I read this site to see what Tom Watson is thinking.

  6. SG1974 – What, we should all read a blog being edited by a repeat drink driver? What a sensible and level headed chap he must be, let me race over there and bow down to him.

  7. ^^ There’s the Left again, all ad hominem, steer WELL clear of the issues. Any response, you know, to my actual points which destroy John’s claim? Which Leftie blog carried the Guardian’s “Brown story was actually bullshit, sorrreeee!” admission?


  8. LOL I’ve just realised who I’m talking to. Labour’s in house sycophants with a bigger eraser for history than Stalin. How often do you hold your own to account, eh?

  9. Hey Red Rag, your choice of tags tells the world everything they need to know about this crisis. Is it to uphold the law? Clean up Fleet Street? Protect the privavcy rights of citizens? Give justice to the Dowlers? No. Your solitary tag on every single article says it all. All the noise is for one thing, and one thing only:

    “Get Cameron”

    Fuck the Dowlers, eh?


    Be charitable SG1974.

    It can’t be easy over at Red Rag Global HQ, sitting around while Guido hits another six-digit-hit record almost daily, waiting for that email from Derek or Kevin so he can write another world exclusive analysis for his 72 loyal readers. And it must be hard work running Britain’s 85th best left wing blog (five places behind Glenis Wilmott MEP , just ahead of Bethan Jenkins AM).


    How many left wing sites have reported that in 2006 the Information Commissioner found that the biggest crooks of all on Fleet Street were Trinity Mirror with EIGHT TIMES the rate of offences than News International:

    Trinity Mirror: 1663 incidents by 139 journalists
    Mail Group: 1248 incidents by 95 journalists
    News International: 182 incidents by 19 journalists

    Apparently, Guardian Media Group was just behind NI.


    Why is Richard Desmon (pornographer and perjurer) considered a fit and proper man to own The Express and Channel Five?


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