Given remarks to the Wall Street Journal and ABC News this week, Scrapbook cannot resist speculating around the first draft of Rupert Murdoch’s apology letter. Each sentence in the note below is constructed using near-exact quotations from Murdoch:

With the gulf between Murdoch’s pronouncements this week and the contents of today’s advert, PR spinners Edelman must have had their (well remunerated) work cut out talking sense into the Dirty Digger.

  1. Finding it very difficult to comment on anything on rupert murdoch as it seems all comments pages in the papers have shut down on this subjectt. Guess that says it all really! ordinary people were probably not aware of he implicaions of his takeover of the entire news/papers so he could influence the ordinary day to day worker on everything including the way they voted. No sane person would think this a good idea. 2 days ago the arrogant mr murdoch got it all wrong. Totally out of touch with reality. He thought he and his power was beyond the ordinary man and woman (he thinks he is above us all). he got it totally wrong by not firing his editor. Instead he chose to fire an entire news paper staff. What can one say except in crude terms deluded and total bastard. Now he wih good advice is smmooching to us to apologise. He is trying to save his self. not for one moment last week did he arrogant mr murdoch and his hang dogs think that they might be in trouble. We need to show we will not be manipulated by the media. So for every man and woman out there with a voice I ask u. Is it right that one man tries to control the way u think and feel because that is what is happening here. Lost all respect for david cameron as a result. best friends with him and his side kick .pathetic. Do not le this person control all our media, p.s as for kelvin Mackenzie from the mail. How much did u ge paid? u make me sick. Lets see how ure living.

  2. A look at even just a still image of Murdoch during this scandal shows you that the whole “Getting quite annoyed by this now” is so close to the truth it’s scary. And it’s Murdoch, of course he thinks he’s bullet proof!

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