News of the WorldN Power and EasyJet are just the latest in the mass exodus of advertisers away from the News of the World.

Yesterday, the Co-op performed the first high profile U-Turn, reversing their position in response to a growing campaign of disappointed customers and members. Boots too shifted from a “no comment” to an “awaiting more information” position, noting that they “listen to their customers carefully.”

Morrisons have softened their position, but not a lot. Speaking to Political Scrapbook this morning they confirmed that while they didn’t have any advertising in this Sunday’s paper, they didn’t have any planned in the first place.

All day yesterday they stood firmly behind the rag, telling us: “Our position is very clear. We will continue to advertise in the News of the Wold.”

Similarly, Procter & Gamble, who own big brands including Clairol, Max Factor and Pringles, said today that while they have no advertising in this weekend’s paper, they do have advertising in the pull out magazine, Fabulous. This was unavoidable, as the magazine has already been printed.

P&G’s advertising spend in the NOTW was estimated to be £1.3m from January to May 2011. They continue to “consider their options.”

So far public pressure, be it on Twitter, Facebook or by phone and email, has caused 21 companies to distance themselves from the Screws in a little over 24 hours.  We expect many more to move from the “Considering our position list” to the “Out” list over the course of today, and you can follow developments at our live-updated list.

The one list nobody wants to be on will be drawn up on Sunday morning, when we’ll know who isn’t bothered about having their brands associated with hacking the phones of murdered teenagers and victims of terrorism.

As it stands the only business definitely on that list is….BSkyB

  1. Gareth Davies says:

    Isn’t it time to ramp up pressure on Wh Smith? I complained to the manager of my local store this morning in a proud British Legion town, Christchurch. He didn’t know they’d withdrawn from the partnership with the NOTW. He passed my comments up the chain and suggested contacting their press office. Curiously, they were too busy to accept my call 0207 851 8850. Is it time to call for Royal British Legion branches to picket their local stores?

  2. Seems campaigning has been quite successful for this Sunday. What about the Sunday after?

    Surely the campaign needs widening to other News Corp publications & BSkyB?

  3. Christopher Sexton says:

    I have not yet heard any retail chain indicate they will cease to carry the Murdoch titles in their press racks. Isn’t it time for them to do that?

  4. Deirdre Shaw says:

    As a very long term customer of Orange, I’ve emailed Everything Everywhere today (umbrella company for Orange and T-Mobile), expressing my view that they should suspend advertising with News of the World. They have the largest advertising budget with that newspaper of all advertisers with the exception of BSkyB. It was quite hard work finding an appropriate contact address but it was eventually given freely by their switchboard who admitted they had received similar contacts. The email address to write to is cl&

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