It’s looking increasingly likely that the hacking collective LulzSec, responsible for high-profile attacks on the CIA, SOCA and the Arizona Department of Public Safety over the last few months, will release a slew of private emails taken from News International servers today.

We have been monitoring internet back channels associated with LulzSec. While activists hoped data would be released to coincide with Rebekah Brooks’ testimony to parliament yesterday, the emails run to some 4 gigabytes and are taking longer than expected to sift through. Sources have told Scrapbook that members are editing the leaked material into a media-ready package with the ambitious aim of “bring[ing] down News International”.

On Monday night, members of the mischievous but formidable group hijacked The Sun’s website, posting a fake report on the suicide of Rupert Murdoch. During the same attack they also compromised sections of the News International email servers, downloading a large cache of private data — including login details for an email account used by Brooks while she was editor of The Sun.

Shortly after Monday’s attack, high profile member Sabu tweeted:

“Sun/News of the world OWNED. We’re sitting on their emails. Press release tomorrow.”

Sixteen members of Anonymous were arrested yesterday in the US, along with four in the Netherlands and one — reportedly a key member of LulzSec — in South London. But the group has hit back, claiming: “There are six of us, and we’re all still here.”

It looks like the “Louise Boat” will keep on sailing.

UPDATE: Despite building up to a large scale release throughout this morning, no emails have been released today. The Anonymous announcement twitter feed began expressing doubts this afternoon over whether a full scale data dump could compromise any future criminal prosecutions.

Since then LulzSec have announced that they are “working with certain media outlets who have been granted exclusive access to some of the News of the World emails we have.”

  1. LulzSec’s release of the HBGary emails earlier this year showed how American intelligence contractors proposed to silence WikiLeaks supporters and Chamber of Commerce critics.

    These government contractors operate with impunity. They also work for large private corporations and can act as a secret police serving private interests.

    Telephone hacking is used to silence bank whistleblowers in America – see:

    ANYONE Can Hack Your Cellphone – cellphone spying is easy and inexpensive:

    LulzSec has shown the dangers these corrupt national intelligence contractors present to freedom and democracy.

  2. Let’s just say that I know for a fact they are waiting on a minor technical hiccup at the moment as well. Should be ironed out later this week though.

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