Everyone’s favourite Segway riding electoral failure, Lembit Opik is hoping to combine his campaign to become Mayor of London with the other passion in his life – stand up comedy.

Opik, whose debut comedy performance was awarded a charitable two stars by the Guardian,  is to appear at Islington’s George Orwell Inn tonight, presenting an evening of stand up, poetry and…arm wrestling. 

The bizarre event is to include a performance of a “song and dance written in his honour”, before Opik challenges members of the audience to an arm wrestle. William Kherbeck, the 33 year old poet who arranged the performance, said “I continue to be shocked by how far he is willing to push things.”

If the above wasn’t enough to get you out of the house, let Scrapbook whet your appetite yet further with a video of Lembit dying a terrible death at last year’s Glastonbury.

Lembit takes the stage at 6pm – Entry is free, and the performance is expected to be worth every penny.

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