As the death toll rises in the wake of the rampage which left scores dead in Norway, details are emerging of killer Anders Breivik’s attempts to foster links with far-right groups across Europe — including the English Defence League.

The EDL have responded with sickening claims that Norwegian authorities are party to a conspiracy to disguise the actions of a Muslim or left-wing extremist.

In a series of posts, the administrator of the EDL’s official Facebook page for London members claims a “cover up by the left”, laying out supposed evidence for his conspiracy theory before asking “why didnt he blow the mosque up?” [sic]

“Would a leftie Gov really cover up a muslim attack to fulfill their aims politically? Something is very wrong …”


Trust the EDL to come up with something this sick.

Hat-tip: Sunny Hundal

  1. Having seen a similar thread on Friday, there is a consistent attempt here to persuade themselves this man couldn’t possibley be a right winger.

  2. Australian Left says:

    “By posting this you are perhaps showing them to be a legitimate concern”….

    Too true as well as by posting this your giving them another outlet. Its like the nazi-holocaust deniers they say the killing of 6 million Jews never happen and yet would prefer the 6 million deaths of Jews to occur now.

    I wonder why these fanatics who preach hate and violence towards a large cross section of people are not celebrating the atocity in Norway, my guess they are in silently doing so.

    BTW if the Left was responsible for this act why then would they attack their own kind as the EDL argue they did? They must have forgetten that fellow fanatics (whether Osama followers in 9/11 or Oklahoma City Bombings) didn’t care who they killed including their own its about the ‘statement’ that comes with a score of deaths the numer is more important then the target.

  3. Primly Stable says:

    Further proof that the EDL are lunatics. As are the left-wing lunatics who claim that the 7/7 bombings were carried out by the Government in order to… well I’m not quite sure what, exactly.

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  5. @Michael, Australian Left: I take it neither of you live in Bradford, Blackburn, Luton, Stoke-on-Trent or any of the other towns brought to a standstill by their marches.

    The EDL are main group fomenting racial tensions in such areas, more so now than the BNP, which is why Hope Not Hate are devoting such energy to them.

  6. Eskimo Nell says:

    Why do they sign their messages off with “(16)”? Is it because of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Directive Number 16’ from 16 July 1940??

    “As England, in spite of the hopelessness of her military position, has so far shown herself unwilling to come to any compromise, I have decided to begin to prepare for, and if necessary to carry out, an invasion of England… and if necessary the island will be occupied.”

  7. @Lawrence

    I’ve seen their demonstrations. They’re only doing themselves a disservice, the same with the BNP. 10+ million human beings were killed by the same ideologies back in the nineteen forties.

    @Australian Left

    I guess it is hard to ignore the racial hatred. But how can anyone tackle it in a free society? It is for the police to make arrests when they feel the safety of the British public is at potential risk.

  8. EDL are a legitimate protest group and condemn all violence and murder, no matter who perpetrates it.
    It’s a shame that the left use this evil crime to make a political point, instead of thinking of the poor children who had their young lives brought to and end by this madman.

  9. Andy London says:

    Eskimo Nell, Posted July 25, 2011 at 10:08 am | Permalink

    Why do they sign their messages off with “(16)”? Is it because of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Directive Number 16′ from 16 July 1940??

    “As England, in spite of the hopelessness of her military position, has so far shown herself unwilling to come to any compromise, I have decided to begin to prepare for, and if necessary to carry out, an invasion of England… and if necessary the island will be occupied.”

    No Nell it’s just a number, you have too much time on you hands! You will also see no 6, 9, 21 and sometimes 69. What can you cook up from these numbers? hopefully the winning lottery numbers for next week! Let me know, dying to pay a well earned holiday for Tommy Robinson.

  10. siôn Jones says:

    What strikes me about the posts on there is the appalling lack of literacy displayed by these numbskull. I’m not surprised – just reinforces the stereotype really – but I would have expected one or two of them at least to have used a spell-checker.

  11. The problem is though, that when groups like this spout enough crap, there’ll always be people that accept it in exclusion to the overwhelming weight of reasonable evidence that is available.

  12. mick romford says:

    strange how these uneducated jobless racist thugs manage to pay for their own transport for demo’s whereas the lefties rely on state sponsorship to survive,strange how these uneducated jobless racist thugs have managed to form the largest street movement in the land while the educated uaf/hnh idiots are in rapid decline,strange how these uneducated jobless racist thugs stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone opposing militant islam while the lefties stand shoulder to shoulder with the muslim scum that seek to banish homosexuals from tower hamlets

  13. Spiney Norman says:

    @Arthur – I see you’re here now. For anyone not familiar with Arthur, he’s an internet propagandist for the EDL. He posts all over the net whenever they’re mentioned, defending the indefensible. He doesn’t normally come out and admit he’s EDL but he is – he’ll admit it when questioned.

    And Arthur – why is it that when Muslims commit terrorist outrages it’s a problem with Islamic ideology, and all Muslims are to blame? We regularly see EDLers claiming that Islamic terrorist plots are evidence that Islam is not compatible with “western values” and Muslims should be deported (or in the eyes of the more extreme EDL morons, executed). Moderates are criticised for “not speaking out enough”.

    Well let’s flip it over – these attrocities prove that right wing Islamophobic nationalist ideology is not compatible with western values. EDL types should therefore either be deported or executed. And the moderate ones who don’t shoot kids? Well they’re not speaking out enough – they’re part of the problem.

    See what it’s like when it’s aimed at you Arthur? Not very nice, is it?

    We also have evidence in his own writings that not only was he in contact with the EDL, but he had provided them with information, ideological instruction and propaganda materials, I quote: “I used to have more than 600 EDL members as Facebook friends and have spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders. In fact; I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning.”

    And Mick Romford – not too clever are you? I’m no fan of the UAF, I think their tactics are counter-productive. But their activists DO pay for their own transport, your assertion has no basis in fact. The EDL, on the other hand, have massive subsidies from one Alan Lake, an IT professional with links to the openly fascist Sweden Democrats.

    I also love the way Tommy Robinson, or Steven Waxy Lemon, always gives it the prolier than thou spiel, “I’m just a simple working class lad”, when he has a property portfolio and runs a tanning salon – a real horny handed son of toil, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    And there’s plenty of people who attend EDL demos who are just as homophobic as conservative Muslims – many EDLers probably aren’t homophobic, but then again many Muslims aren’t either. The far-right hardly has a proud history of fighting prejudice, does it?

    This is what the kind of extreme views espoused by the EDL result in. It becomes like a cult, where no source of news other than that of the group itself is trusted. You get an echo chamber effect, where what began as the extreme views within the group begin to look normal, the extreme ones get more extreme, then are considered normal, then get more extreme and the cycle continues. Just take a look at the EDL facebook groups for evidence of this – plenty of “let’s burn a mosque” and “shoot all pakis” comments.

    The EDL share far more values with Islamic extremists than they do with western democracy. They’re like a mirror image of Anjem Choudary. And anyone who claims they’re a “legitimate political group” had better think long and hard – history is littered with events when this kind of appeasement took place – and the consequences aren’t pretty.

    A plague on both the EDL and Islamic extremists – neither have any place in a civilised society.

  14. Just take a look at the EDL facebook groups for evidence of this – plenty of “let’s burn a mosque” and “shoot all pakis” comments.

    I am EDL and i despise facebook it is riddled with infiltrators who post such inflammatory messages as seen above. No self-respecting EDL member believes what faceache has to say. Also if you are using facebook as a reference source, rather than the forums themselves then you do not have a leg to stand on. EDL are not fascists, racists, homophobes, or any other BS that is circulated.

  15. Mick – Strange how when the EDL climb off their coaches at marches they normally begin my starting fights with each other. Strange how when they marched through Cambridge (outnumbered about 5:1 by the good guys, so you can stick your triumphalism where the sun don’t shine) there were several arrest for indecent exposure. Strange how you claim the UAF is taxpayer funded when you’re the ones wasting our money, because you need hundreds of police to stop you showing yourselves for the football thugs you are.

    But mostly, it’s strange how you haven’t apologised for the efforts of your moronic comrades, which is the actual topic at hand.

  16. An "Extreme Marxist" says:

    ” The guy isn’t right or left wing…he is a madman.”

    Certainly he’s a psychopath (or someone with an anti-social personality disorder, if you prefer), but he is very clearly a far-right/racist/fascist psychopath. His ideas (aside from the religious “Templar” ones) are pretty typical & representative of 21st century European fascism.

    However, such ideas about Muslims, immigrants, & the left (or “extreme Marxists”, as he calls them) are worryingly common, & not just amongst fascists. My own mother (who is not a neo-Nazi or a committed fascist, but an MOR ‘normal’ person) agrees with a lot of what he’s saying, & that’s what really scares me.

  17. It is impossible to do criminal acts like bombing and shooting in two different places in such short time by one person only. People who did this criminal act needed good training and financial support. Also they needed leaders and advisers. Norway tragedy was a warning to Norway Government for supporting Palestinians and Palestine as a State. Criminals who did this crime wanted to show that they can blow government buildings and kill government`s officials children without mercy if this Government will not stop supporting Palestinians. On the same day this criminal attack happened I was watching pictures on Internet from Utoya island. There was Norway Prime Minister and many young girls and boys around him. Behind them was large sign with red letters on white background “Boycot Israel!!!” Also on this island Norway Prime Mimister said that Norway Government is supporting Palestinians and Palestine as a state. He sign also some documents and said that Norway will support Palestine at UN meeting. Day after this stement Norway was attaced. After attack all this pictures were gone. Till today I can not find them. If the killer really hate Muslims why he was shooting only white kids on Government Youth Camp. Many of this kids were children of Norway Government officials. Also, I belive that this killer will have some kind of strange accident and he will not talk anymore (like Oswald in Kennedy case).

  18. NorthEastEDL says:

    It saddens me to see the far left are more interested in getting one over on the EDL than the devastating loss of life in Norway!

    What have you got? This madman had 600 FB friends? I am damn sure if they had known who he was or what he was capable of they would have deleted him straight away. And as for racist insults etc, you cannot go off Facebook which is full of trolls wanting to demonise the EDL!

    Go to the forums and witness all the sympathetic messages for those who lost their lives in Norway! Open an account and start a debate, I guarantee you will be given a chance to air your views without insults being thrown, something that cannot be said about the lefts forums!

  19. Spiney Norman says:

    @ Ste: That’s a bit too convenient I’m afraid. The EDL has no official membership so you can use this whenever one of the bigoted clowns in your organisation cocks up and says what they really think. Your fellow EDLers may be stupid enough to fall for it. I’m not.

    @Northeast EDL: I can’t go on your forums and debate – you’ve already banned me. Banned me for pointing out the constant inaccuracies, double standards and swivel-eyed bigotry.

    Have you thought that maybe “the far left”, which according to you probably includes anyone to the left of Pinochet, aren’t using this to “get one over on the EDL” – you’re really not a political threat, in fact you have no politics beyond “Paki bashing”. Instead we are genuinely worried about the danger of seeing a British version of this dosgusting murdering b*stard emerge from the ranks of your organisation. I’ve seen several EDLers saying they approved of it, and many saying they’d have supported him if he’d only shot the Labour youth camp kids. You’re sick in the head, all of you. If you’re concerned about Islamic extremism join the National Secular Society’s campaign. The EDL have no solutions – do you really think terrorising Muslim communities will reduce extremism? It won’t – it will increase it.

    And don’t you dare say we have no respect for the victims – I found out today that a very close friend lost a cousin in the attacks. Let’s remember that the killer used to look at and post on EDL message boards and facebook groups. He will have been influenced by it.

    And your posturing about caring for the victims would be more convincing if the bombing hadn’t been blamed on “Muslamics” on every EDL message board, every facebook group, before any facts were known. You disgusting hypocrite.

    You’re the ones who have no place in civilised society, not Muslims. You’re just the same as those you claim to oppose and you make me physically sick.

    @Spider: Enough with the conspiracy theories, it’s a load of nonsense and it lets this murdering scumbag off the hook. He was a hard right zionist himself, I’m sure the Norwegian Labour Youth’s opposition to the illegal, criminal, murderous Israeli occupation of Palestine will have figured in his motivations but that’s no reason to see black helecopters and secret organisations behind ever bush.

  20. @spiney Norman,so the EDL has “no official membership”,then how does a fool like you tie Breivik to the EDL,could you explain??
    Ah,he went on facebook,tell us,how many “friend’s” on there do you have who you know personally then,my eldest son has something like 2000 but would only really have met or known about a 100-150,the EDL page has a 100,000 supporters??
    If you have been banned from an EDL forum it would be for spouting hateful,racist or insulting comments and nothing more,yes im an EDL member,go on ANY EDL site looking for the name that im now using here and try to dig the dirt on me,then post it here.
    By the way,we are not a “political group”,and “Paki bashing” would be racist,not political.Here’s a thought though,we in the EDL are against militant Islam,not all Muslim’s are Pakistani,or indeed “of different colour”,so how exactly are we racist,your stupid comment was though.There were comments made by certain members of the Jewish div. that seemed to condone the murders of the victims in Norway,now look at how long the members of the EDL have been asking for these disgusting people to be kicked out,long before this butchery happened!!
    A muslim group claimed responsibility for the attacks,so don’t even try that BS!
    Learn about Islam,read the Qu’ran and Hadith,then you can shoot your mouth off about hate and ignorance,which at the end of your post you show your complete ignorance.
    That non existing country that never was!!

  21. England has become the 58th Muslim state with no one to blame but it’s weak minded, welfare addicted citizens. The EDL are the only Englishmen left in England with any patriotism. Shame on you people who would try and smear them. I met many EDL members in NYC last year on 9/11 they were great people who love their country and are trying to stop the koranimals from destroying it. You cry baby lefties will be begging for the EDL when your women are wearing burkas and your forced to bang your heads on the floor 5 times a day – that is if you don’t get your throats cut first.

  22. There are many english people living in southern spain. cities in southern spain have become so ghettoised. A high proportion of the english immigrants live in total seperation of the indeginous people. They dont even attempt to learn the spanish language and are not family orientated. They just like to spend time getting drunk. its a real problem.

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