Pictured running in an Aston Villa shirt with his own name emblazoned on the back, David Cameron told the Standard today of his love for the beautiful game:

“I’m an ardent fan.”

Cameron’s uncle, Sir William Dugdale, was a director of the club and took a 13-year old future prime minister to his first football match at Villa Park. If Dave is such a genuine fan, however, why did he tell the House of Commons twenty years later:

“Many of those who have spoken in the debate or have written about the subject are either lawyers or football fans, but I have to confess that I am neither”

We’ve seen photo opportunities like this before and the image of the premier jogging through a London park (flanked by five protection officers) will doubtless grace the pages of more than one newspaper tomorrow. While genuine Spurs fan Andy Coulson leveraged football to make posh Cameron seem more in touch with the plebeians, it seemed slightly more believable than Craig Oliver’s efforts today.

Would Cameron not be more comfortable playing the Eton wall game?

  1. Are people not allowed the change their minds over a time frame of a few months short of a whole decade?

    I used to be moderately keen on Formula One, but now find it to be insufferably dull. I do hope my previous interest and current distaste is not written up somewhere as evidence that I am a fake and a liar.

  2. But Cameron is a fake. It’s complete artifice, along with much of the rest of his public persona, orchestrated by Hilton and (previously) Coulson.

  3. It could quite well be fake, but it could also quite well be that he’s changed since 10 years ago. It was probably over-exaggerated as part of his image but I think you’d need a bit more evidence than just a bit of a speech 10 years ago to be sure it was a complete lie.

  4. Cameron even refereed to Britain being a country full of “Football enthusiasts” during UK’s recent world cup bid (circa Dec 2010)

    who says that “enthusiasts” as in steam train or morris dancing

    certainly no Footie fan

    Does he support Viall because the Royals do ?

  5. I attended a QnA with him in Bristol in 2009 and a guy asked him if, given their current good form, he thought Villa would ever win the European Cup. Cameron proceeded to sing the praises of Martin O’Neil and turn it into a discourse on how great leadership could take people to the greatest heights and that one day Villa would join the giants of British football, Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal, in lifting the cup.

    Then the guy shot back: “We won it in 81-82, Arsenal never have.”

    Cameron completely ignored him and asked for the next question.

  6. “Are people not allowed the (sic) change their minds over a time”

    Of course they are Ian, and most especially when it is politically expedient to do so.

  7. Academiclawyer says:

    I find it incredible that some people would be so naive to think that Cameron had simply changed his mind. Anyone with at least limited intelligence should see straight through this and see it for what it is- an attempt to look less like an extremely privileged toff and more like Joe Bloggs. Funny that he has never talked of his love for cricket, rugby or tennis- sports which are traditionally associated with the middle and upper classes. Of course, a photo op at Wimbledon or Lords would do little for his image…

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