As if today’s events weren’t exciting enough…

Shortly after 5pm, a man in a checked shirt, thought to be activist and comedian Jonnie Marbles, thought things needed spicing up a little. He planted a paper plate filled with shaving foam on Rupert Murdoch as he was giving evidence to the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee.

As Tom Watson pointed out at the end of the hearing, Mrs Murdoch has a mean left hook.

  1. Henry Tickner says:

    Hurrah! That’s headlines succesfully diverted and trivialised for the next 24 hours. When Murdoch’s got enemies like that, who needs friends?

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    What a fucking arsehole – generating sympathy for Murdoch and his wife just to draw attention to his stupid giggling pathetic self. Couldn’t have helped News International more if they’d paid him.

  3. Right hook. Holy FUCK you can’t even get that right.

    Hang on, Red Rag will be on in a minute to tell us about the Cameron/Brooks racehorse, property investments and secret love child.

  4. @Paul C,

    Well, there are at least five commenters over at the Guardian and the New Statesman who are seriously suggesting he’s a Tory/NI stooge. But since one of those commentators claims “Rebekah Brooks was NEVER in the Brown’s social circle” and another reckons “the BBC is biased in favour of the Conservative Party” I think we can safely say they are the usual left wing loonies.

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