Accused over their front-page splash revealing confidential details on the health of Gordon Brown’s disabled son, The Sun has resorted to invoking its relationship with a charity in a desperate bid to stem the backlash. But a source from the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has described allusions to a formal relationship as “misleading”.

Yesterday, Brown spoke of his shock at seeing his youngest son Fraser’s details plastered across the paper’s front page:

“[We were] in tears … Sarah and I were incredibly upset about it.”

As News International shifts to a more bullish posture against allegations of invasion of privacy, The Sun has denied that any hacking took place and has credited its own “responsible, sympathetic and informative coverage” with an increase in donations to the Trust.

But in a statement given to Political Scrapbook this morning, a spokesperson for the charity hit back at the paper’s tactics:

“The release of any medical information to the media or anyone else is a decision for patients or, in the case of children, their parents to make. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust does not condone the release or publication of such information, without express permission, regardless of their motivation.”

Another page on the paper’s website boasts about increasing “national understanding” of the condition by working “in partnership with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust”. But describing The Sun’s claims as “misleading” the charity denied any formal partnership and emphasised that the same information on the disease was provided to other media outlets.

“The story about the Browns wasn’t published with our co-operation. We had nothing to do with the breaking of the story.”

Murdoch Morality: It’s acceptable to publish confidential medical details of a four month old baby — provided your paper can take credit for an increase in charity donations.

  1. I met Sarah Brown a couple of years ago. She is a lovely person. I hope she and Gordon realise that most decent people hate what is happening in the gutter press and feel very sorry for them both.
    I wish their darling little boy well. Perhaps this whole sorry affair will finally clean up the media…but sadly, I fear that greed and selfishness has taken root so deeply in our society that it will take a long time before trust is ever restored.
    Meanwhile, there are still good people around, and I admire anyone who stands up and actually tries to help a sick world. It`s a thankless task swimming through sewage…

  2. Who’s writing this crap, Tom Watson? Oh, and you don’t appear to have any room for this piece of news:

    You see Sylvia, Gordon Brown is using his sick child and his family to get revenge on a man he once BEGGED to support him. What a disgusting man.

    PS Anyone seen McBride, Draper or Maguire of the Mirror lately? George Osborne’s wife would like to know where they are.

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