After Scrapbook rebutted several laughable attempts to link Ken Livingstone to Bob Crow and the RMT union, Boris Johnson’s campaign team stepped their smear campaign up a gear this week by enlisting the help of the cabinet. Transport secretary Phillip Hammond became the latest mouthpiece for their fibs, spinning to the Evening Standard that Livingstone was poised to accept cash from Crow.

Could it be that team Johnson is attempting to distract our attention from something? The Guardian’s Dave Hill reports on a record-breaking moment he will be hoping Londoners miss:

When it comes to Tube strikes Ken can make a strong case for being a far better friend to Londoners than Boris has been. If the string of stoppages planned to start on Sunday evening takes place there will have been more of them in three years of Boris than there were in eight years under Ken – 17 compared with 16.

As evidence-based bloggers, we naturally wanted to see this represented in graphical form:

Perhaps it’s time for Boris to drop his notoriously hands-off approach to industrial relations and actually do the job Londoners pay him for.

  1. Ken Livingstone’s mate Crow is more prone to provoking strikes for no reason under his antangonist than his mate. Shock horror.

    All the more reason to back the Tories and stronger strike laws; particularly in tough economic times when £40kpa for pushing a button gets more and more unacceptable. No surrender to left-wing blackmail.

  2. @WHS. Oh yes you can trust me to sort out the unions like I reduced the deficit, rescued the economy and refused to increase EU funding. You’ll notice I also stood firm when the Irish bankers ran out of bonuses and protected tax payers by funding the indian space programme and pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Let’s not forget my principled stand against the vested interests in the management consultant class within the NHS where I absolutely pushed through our reforms and have totally saved the NHS for future generations. My hard stance against inflation which means that household bills are in no way going through the roof should reassure you too, that I will sort out Bob Crow and absolutely would never give in to left wing pressure.

  3. @Crash: We produce the content. We can’t legislate for the comments. Having said that, Guido’s comments are a complete cretin-fest, which may explain why you enjoy them so much.

  4. Well thanks for that. I was going to suggest perhaps it was due to the mandatory email field and that you might consider making it less mandatory if you were interested in bringing more of a forum feel. I have been following this blog for a while and am somewhat surprised you are not getting more comments since the quality of the posts are somewhat more higher in quality than Staines’ and Cole’s effort.

    Having said that I have always suspected that Guido’s huge numbers of comments were due to a small number of people posting under different names.

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