As hundreds of empowered women (and men) march through London this afternoon, Scrapbook has picked out the funniest and most impactful signs posted on Twitter:

Instructions so simple even a misogynist can understand them

Some used their Freedom Pass to get there

For the record, dungarees don't mean yes either

There was no shortage of clever wordplay

Tough on rape, tough on the causes of rape (rapists)

Sluts are good. Cuts are bad.

The birth of a new trade union

Don't bother to RSVP

On abuse by figures of authority

MC Hammer for feminism

Technically not a sign, but writing on boobs never grows old

Doubtless the Mail on Sunday will be running similar pictures tomorrow.

But with more moral panic.

Pictures from: @pennyred, @lefty_lisa, @PUB_lication, @kieran_yates, @zohramoosa, @RoseBeeMakeup

  1. Lots of those signs are just stupid. Yes, rape is caused by rapists, but it’s naive to suggest that women shouldn’t take sensible precautions to avoid getting raped.

  2. @ XXX

    Are you aware that perpetrators of rape are normally someone the victim is familiar with, i.e. current or former partner/family member/someone in frequent contact with victim?

    Women are raped under all sorts of circumstances in all sorts of attire around the clock.

    What we should not be doing here is shifting any iota of blame onto the victim by implying that rape can be prevented under precautionary action. I believe that’s essentially what you are doing and this is extremely detrimental.

    Attitudes are in need of shaping here – the fact that the conviction rates for reported rapes is dangerously low, I think I know which side we need to spend time advising.

    I’m interested in hearing what you consider a “sensible precaution”?

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