The Mail on Sunday this weekend reported the story of the Conservatives’ deselection of a female candidate following a controversial interview conducted when she was eight months pregnant. The row prompted a scathing letter to Tory top brass from her furious brother, Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. Political Scrapbook has obtained a full copy of this correspondence, which is reproduced below.

Failing to beat Lib Dem David Heath in a seat neighbouring her brother’s, Annunziata Rees-Mogg was one of the ill-fated Tatler Tory A-listers who did not make it to Westminster in 2010. In a letter to the chairman of the Conservatives’ backbench 1922 Committee (copied to MPs on the board of the party, the chief whip and David Cameron’s chief of staff) the Tory toff raged against comments made regarding his sister’s pregnancy by the party’s head of human resources:

“The attitude of Central Office is shameful … It was also suggested that Annunciata could have ticked the box for ‘disability’ but I feel most reasonable people would call that a contemptible suggestion.”

The note also lays a number of other frank criticisms at the door of CCHQ:

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg accuses paid regional organisers in his own patch for using his sister as a scapegoat for their own poor performance.
  • Party officials sent junior “sidekicks” to meetings with Annunziata.
  • The selection process is described as “illogical” and “arbitrary”.
  • It is claimed the process denies “standard data protection rights”.
  • “the Candidates’ department has behaved with generally poor manners”.

Scrapbook can only hope Jacob Rees-Mogg pursues the grievances of his constituents with equal vigour.

  1. Mmm… not entirely sure that Rees-Mogg should be using HoC stationary to whinge at his own party over his sister’s deselection.

  2. Actually we were sent this before Mail on Sunday posted it (without full text) but it slipped through the net. Sloppy on my part, maybe. But stolen, no.

  3. Sweetly ironic that Rees-Mogg is complaining about the lack of regard for employment dispute rights which the unions he loathes fought to put on the statute book.

    Guido, it’s news to me and millions of others who wouldn’t touch the Heil with a barge poll.

    Thank you PS.

  4. Eskimo Nell says:

    “Originial House stationary, however it is acquired, should not, in any circumstances, be used for the following purposes:
    b) in connection with fund raising for the benefit of a political party, advocating membership of a political party, or supporting the return of any persons to public office;

  5. Idris Greenaway says:

    Two different spellings of her name, one with a Z the other a C. One on the official campaign posters; the other written by her brother… Maybe Gove was right about GCSE standards, or perhaps just a warning of the dangers of against christening your offspring wit five syllable names.

  6. Well Guido, how late am I. I’ve only just seen this. Still, we can’t all be as “up and at ’em” as you.

    Dear dear, when toffs fall out…. they don’t remember how to spell each others’ names. And what a name. Maybe they should ask their nanny. Nanny, I’ve found, generally knows best.

    The way to remember the difference between stationery and stationary is: stationEry = lEtter; and stationAry = cAr.

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