A defeated council leader was apparently so bitter at losing the election that he tried to prevent his successor using his deskScrapbook has learned. The former leader of Hyndburn Borough Council, Peter Britcliffe, attempted to instruct bemused staff that a taxpayer-funded bureau was “his desk” and that it should be put in storage “for when he returns”.

After taking several weeks to move out of the office reserved for the council leader, the Tory councillor continued to shock staff at Hyndburn Borough Council with his increasingly bizarre demands. Insistent that he should continue working in the style to which he was accustomed, Britcliffe had his own group of Conservative councillors ejected from their quarters to accommodate his “personal office” after attempts to acquire the office of a council director were rejected.

It is clear that some politicians deal better with defeat than others.

  1. Typical of Peter Britcliffe. He has run Hyndburn as though it were his personal kingdom. Ah well. Pride goes before a fall!

  2. Matthew Tomlinson says:

    Nothing would surprise me about this arrogant little man. He must have known that his time as Caesar of Hyndburn was up. Nothing illustrates the measure of the man as well as the many of his departure.

  3. peter your time is finished we now have people that want to look after us, not ike you who only ever looked after yourself and what you cream off in to your own wallet

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