Thank you to the commenter who drew our attention to the astonishing video doing the rounds on far-right and anti-fascist websites. Nick Griffin is apparently so paranoid about plots against him within the BNP that he gatecrashed a meeting in the European Parliament to harangue an MEP colleague and nearly fight with a party member he expelled.

In a 30-minutes of leaked footage boiled down to highlights below, a visibly rattled Griffin argues with BNP members and his fellow MEP Andrew Brons, who he accused of “outrageous lies”, before squaring up to former member Eddy Butler who is heading an insurgency against his increasingly autocratic leadership.

“Various things Andrew was saying … a couple of days ago were outrageous lies”

Prior to the publication of the film on YouTube, Brussels’ New Europe newspaper reported on the meeting of what it referred to sarcastically as “the cream of the white race”:

“Brons is being urged not to let anyone release the video as its contents, said one, could finish the party off.”

The BNP’s most senior elected representatives are barely able to share the same platform without fighting with one another.

  1. And before someone says so, I know we’re late onto this but not many people can be bothered wading through thirty minutes of footage. It needed the Match Of The Day treatment!

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