In a section of Shaun Hannity’s programme captioned “Big Bird Bias”, Fox News provided a platform for guests to claim that Sesame Street is partly responsible for homosexuality and …

“a direct assault on our country’s moral foundation”

Ben Shapiro, author of Primetime Propaganda, bemoans the liberalisation of society through mainstream media “bias”, laying the blame at the door of, erm, Elmo and Big Bird, stating that he “wants to take ’em out back and cap ’em.”

Can Shapiro see the contradiction in screaming “left-wing bias” from a right-wing TV channel which brags about dominating the ratings?

  1. Fox News don’t market themselves as a right wing channel. Fox News – ‘Fair & Balanced’ & ‘We Report, You Decide’.

    Most their programming is built on the premise that Fox News is impartial, & that it’s everybody else that’s biased.

    I think we should be careful we don’t up with this sort of crap in the UK.

  2. Why is the right full of hypocrisy, they condemn the weakening of family values due to parents working. Yet the root cause of this breakdown is capitalism as in the US minimal employment regulation allows workers to be exploited with long hours and poor pay. As a result low-income parents have to get several low-paid jobs (often working in evening), furthermore, these families will not have disposable income for family ‘activities’ like weekends away.
    The double standards and bigotry of Fox News is unbelievable.

  3. I thought Sesame Street was to promote an increase in ambition among working class black boys? Why focus on the (non existant) homsexuality element in the media when there is a liberal bias in Sesame Street that I presume they object to.

    Not of course that I object to using role models to improve the life chances of young black Americans. I am just suprised that Fox News did not mention that – a real element of ‘propaganda’ (in a non-Nazi sense) – when they made up other strange ones.

  4. Of course its biased, most non partisan people can see that sesame street – and pretty much any other TV show – promotes the views of the people who make them; a broadly liberal, metropolitan view of the world. To Shapiro thats left wing, to the comrades at the barricades its sickeningly consumerist and aspirational.
    If anybody ever discovers how to make news or entertainment output politically neutral please let us know.

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